During my stay in the U.S., I felt keenly that the U.S. has really vast grounds. And that fact makes many difference between the U.S. and Japan. For example, I thought that moving is not so frequent in Japan because Japan don’t have these large ground. Therefore people don’t move many times in their life from north to south compared to people who live in the U.S. I also found that Japan’s topography is oblong vertically relatively, on the other hand the U.S. is oblong horizontally. Because of it, people in the U.S. often moves between west and east. It was totally new sense to me that moving between east and west because among driving in the U.S. scenery and temperature seems merely change especially Midland. Japan’s scenery and temperature is different from Aomori prefecture to Yamagata prefecture. Also I thought Japan has no notion of Midland. I think except Hokkaido, we can go near seaside at longest two hours in Japan. Also, I thought there are many flourish cities in the U.S. like NY, Washington D.C., and LA, etc. Each city seems to have their own color. Japan has also many cities, but Tokyo is outstanding. For, Tokyo is center of politics and business, and also frontier of entertainment like fashion, TV, etc. Moreover, I found that there are also a lot of country side in the U.S. And I felt that atmosphere between urban and rural is totally different when I visited Williamsburg and Washington D.C. And I thought the life and mind who lives there would be totally different by the land, too.

I also surprised that the U.S. has diverse interpretation in Protestant. The religion in the U.S. is conveyed by the Puritans who believes Protestant. And Protestant originally appears from resistance against Catholic. Protestant made diverse interpretation against Bible possible. I thought the reason that the U.S. has diverse interpretation in Protestant is because the U.S. is not the place which are influenced by the power of King and history. Also, from the lecture of the religion, I learned religion has close relation with politics. For example, recently people who believes Evangelilicalism, Mainline, and Catholic are getting less. On the other hand, Unaffiliated and Non Cristian like who believes Muslim are getting large. And this makes phenomenon of Islamophobia. Then, in next presidential election, Trump supports people who against Muslim. From these facts, I found the U.S. accept many diversities, but the degree of this acceptance is different each in terms of law, attitude, etc. And I learned that there are the feeling of fear against the people who is different in appearance, religion, etc. Actually because I was taking lectures of the relation between Protestant and American literature in Japan, this lecture was impressive and made my understanding about the relation between Protestant and the U.S. deepen. I thought I  want to know about the relation among religion, races, and the U.S. more.
I learned much more things and had so much fun besides the things I wrote above. In this program, I found many differences between Japan and the U.S. And I studied about Virginia from lectures, dialogue classes, and field trips. Moreover I improved writing skills from this Journals, and improved speaking skills from dialogue class and presentation. I think I could achieve my purposes. Thanks to all kind, generous, and fun PAs, CIs, and members of this program. I’m really glad to be a member of this program this summer. I spent really precious time with wonderful peoples in awesome place for that two weeks! Again, thank you very much!

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Journal 5

  Now, I’m back in Japan. I really miss the days at William and Mary, and I wish I could be back in the US.
  The life in Tokyo is different from the life in the US in several ways. I don’t be confused about the language, and I don’t have to pay attention to everything so much. However, also it is a little bit boring for me. I want to challenge to a lot of things more and more. The life in Japan is less stimulating for me.
   I should appreciate the chance that I could have studied abroad during the summer. This chance changed me in 3 big points.
   First, it made me take a look at my own country again. When we live in our own country, we don’ t have a chance to know how Japan looks from foreign countries. Trying to know American culture also means to know Japanese culture more deeply.
   Second, it made myself more positive. My feeling that I don’t want to waste this chance changed my attitude for studying.
   And last, it made me highly motivated for starting new things. Before I took part in this program, I was forgetting to try new things every moment, which I had done since I was at high school. However, I met a lot of my friends at William and Mary, and they stimulated me in several ways.
   By the way, in these days, there are many people who study abroad. Why? What is the true meaning of studying abroad? In my personal view, I think the answer is to know myself. When you study abroad, you can get the new view points. You can get the new knowledge. These things help us to know who we are. I don’t like studying so much, but if it expand the possibilities in my future, I want study more. To know myself is the most important learning from studying.
  In my future, I really want to take part in urban planning, and I am preparing for it at Keio now. My professor said before, “The most important thing in urban planning is not to make the spaces. It is to think about people.” I was very impressed by this word, and by participating this program, I found the common point between urban planning and studying abroad which is “to know a person.” Therefore, I have to keep trying to know other people, and also myself. I am not sure about if I can, but if I could have a chance I want to study abroad for a semester someday.
  At the end of the journal, I want to thank all of the members in this program. I want to say thank you to lot of PAs, especially Jonah who was a PA of orange group, Sam who was a PA of my focus group, and Devon who was my roommate. Also, I appreciate Barry who was my group’s CI and always checked my journals. I promise not to waste this chance, and forget the enjoyable and fantastic days at the college of William and Mary!!

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Through this summer program, I learned a lot of things and the impression of the U.S. was changed. There were a few things that I thought of during this program.

First, in my opinion, the most notable charm of the U.S. is the diversity of people. All of those who live in the U.S. have different backgrounds. For example, my roommate was Chinese and she have learned Japanese for over six years. My PA was American but from Amsterdam. Other PA even said her grandmother was Japanese. So, I think we can not regard those who live in the U.S. as the same Americans. Everyone is different, and it is enjoyable to speak about their hometowns and the culture of the hometowns. At first, I like European culture because the history is so long and a lot of architectures in Europe were built in ancient times. Some architectures have colorful stend glass, which attracted me. In comparison with this, I was impressed that the architectures and other things in the U.S. are relatively new, so I was unsatisfied with culture and things in the U.S. But through the encounters with PA and teachers and many field trips, I recognized that the attraction of the U.S. are not only “things” but also “people”. On the other hand, in Japan, most of the people who live in Japan are Japanese. They have relatively similar experience, and children who once moved to a foreign country and returned to Japan tend to be rare. Thus, I hope it is natural that people from different countries are mixed in Japan like in the U.S.

Second, I found a lot of differences and similarities between Americans and Japanese. Of course, the main theme of this summer program was the difference between America and  Japan. How is the scenery different? How is the food? How is the room? I tried to ask these questions to myself. And in fact, I learned such differences. The buildings in Williamsburg were made of red bricks, and those of Washington D.C. were white. If we went to the U.S. and see the buildings, we can feel sense of unity. On the other hand, Japanese buildings are mixed with Japanese style and European style, so we may not feel sense of unity. Food was also different. The main menues in the American restaurant are sandwiches, pizza, and hamburgers. Only three. To be honesty, I was tired of these menues though the tastes are good. On the other hand, the shops in Japan are usually different kind from each other. There are not only Japanese food restaurants but also other countries’ restaurants approximately as the same number. However, the most impressive things were not differences but similarities. At first, I wondered what I talked about with American students. I did not know what they usually talked about and what they liked. But gradually, I found that they talked about familiar things such as their family, their favorite music, and their boyfriends! In Japan, we usually talk about these topics. And American students even use jokes. All ofthe jokes are funny. So, I could not help feeling similarity to American people. Though what I talked about with American students were trivial, all of them were my treasures.

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A lot of lectures in this programs make me understand the real structure of U.S. Lectures included religion and gender and American Indian cultures and consumer culture and race and the American Revolution. And all the professors are very kind persons. I asked many questions and they answered very kindly. This is good experience for me, because I could improve my discussion skill. My perception of US changed much. Before this program, I think US is just big country which has various races and didn’t consider their real characteristics. But in this program, I had a lot of chance to communicate with PA or CI. So I can know the culture of US through communicating with them. They like dancing. And they always dance whenever music begin. This is surprising for me. Because this is different from Japan. I learned many American pop music. I love Katy Perry. She makes very fantastic music! Her music is played everywhere in US such as shops and restaurants and car and hotel. She is very popular in US. Also they like talking about their relationships during eating. In Japan, talking about his or her relationships is not so popular. Because it is embarrassing. But in US it is very popular. I think it is cultural differences between US and Japan. Some restaurants, the weight of food decides the price. This is also different from Japan. In Japan each food has price. But in US each food doesn’t have price in some restaurants. Most exciting things in this program is the night walk. And the accident is also exciting for me. I went to National Mall and many memorials. These are very nice! The accident which we can’t go back to the hotel happened after the night walk. We were waited, lying on the grass. I looked at the beautiful sky filled with a lot of stars. This is good memory in Washington. Subway closed too early in US. Most hard tasks in this program is the presentation. My focus group presentation is strongly supported by my PA Sam. So all of my group members appreciate her. She worked hard. But we also worked hard. A kind librarian collected books related with our research topic festivals. We also appreciated her kind hospitality. Honami made very beautiful powerpoint. In presentation, we were asked many difficult questions and it is hard to hear and understand. And we were so nervous. But we cooperated with each other. Finally we can make a good presentation. In this program, I learned a lot of things. But there is just one thing I would still like to learn about US. I want to know CI and PA more. I know they are good person. So I want to be friends also ahead. More friendships were needed. But this is difficult, because all of them are very busy. I am sad. I think one of the good things in this program is the strong friendships among Keio students. They were connected before going to US. I loved this cross-cultural collaboration program!!


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I could spend so good time in Williamsburg and Washington DC so I like Williamsburg and I would like to live there. Also I love American culture, lands, people and weather. I came to America before for instance Chicago, Atlanta, Hawaii and Williamsburg. All of these cities were fantastic and I could spend great time in those cities but my favorite town is Williamsburg and the days spent with all of you. I could improve some skills for example English skill, skill of making presentation and considering the thing by some ways. I think the most important thing, which I learned from this program, was the way of thinking. While the discussion group and focus group, we have to consider about the difference between Japan and America. I could enjoy thinking about that and also I could improve myself. After this program I can think hard and seriously about 1 thing. This change might bring some good result on job interview or something to me.


My ideas about America haven’t changed between before the program and after because I didn’t have bad thought about America. On the other hand both of my thoughts about America before and after the program were changed a little from good to very good because I thought the college students in America always be drunk and using marihuana so my image of American student is sluggard and not smart. However students who worked with us were so friendly and all of them were honest and smart. It was so surprising thing for me and I think that Japanese students should be good students, like them, because some Japanese students are not smart and usually they don’t work hard. It made my ideas of America better than before this program. Then why there are so deep differences between Japan and America. I think the reason of those differences depend on the system of university. Japanese university has so many students and usually one professor has so many students in his class. On the other hand I heard that most American universities don’t have so many students and usually the amount of students in 1 class is not so big. In my opinion this differences make students’ motivation so American students are more harder worker than Japanese students without student of this program.


The biggest difference, which I felt while I was in America, is the way of expression. American used to use body language and they are good at express themselves. On the other hand Japanese usually hide their feelings and not good at giving expression. I think that the reason of this difference is made by the education policy. In elementally school Japanese students are trained to be good people, like machine. On the other hand American students are educated to be good and smart students. The difference of education policy made difference in class. Japanese class has so many students but American class has not so many students. I think the almost of difference between Japan and America is made by educational difference. Education is one of the most important policies in the country. If we talk about the difference between Japan and America, all of the differences are connected to educational difference.


I could spend so good time in America. I appreciate to all of the staffs, who worked with us. I can assure you that I will be student of William and Mary in the future. I’m looking forward to meet you again. Thank you so much.

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Journal 5

I enjoyed this W&M summer program and gained so much knowledge about American history, culture and college of W&M.

First, I want to write about my story. I went to Florida in America with my family when I was 9 in summer. Even as a child, I could feel the difference of country’s style between America and Japan. I never thought that Japanese is shy, but I felt it in that trip. I joined a baseball camp. Fortunately, the camp joined some Japanese kids, so I didn’t make effort on language. Thus, I think my English skill didn’t improve and my characteristic didn’t change at all. Consequently, I liked America just because of roller coaster. 

I went to Los Angeles last summer. In this trip, I joined a baseball camp that my mother signed up for me. I noticed that I want to learn to initiate a conversation. We need to learn about not waiting for other people to act first. In addition, I got the nerves. These changing influenced my characteristic. Furthermore, I liked American style such as hamburger and food in big size. Furthermore, characteristic of a lot of American people, not paying much attention to tiny things and focus more on the big picture, fitted me. Around this time (LA trip), I like America because of American characteristics.

I tried to talk to PA in College of W&M. And I could communicate with PA. Therefore, I got information about the program and American culture. Thanks to my LA experience.

One of the PAs told me about the difference between universities in the countryside and those in the city. In a city, universities don’t have much space. University can’t build a large campus in city. Therefore, university in a city has buildings likes office buildings. By contrast, in countryside, university has bigger space in order to build a larger campus. Thus, university in countryside can have more dorms, some big classrooms, and even possibly a church. But I think it is different in Japan. In most cases, Japanese university has a few buildings in country side and they are not small. However, Japanese universities in cities also have many buildings, such as Keio University and Meiji University. In consequence, Japanese university’s size doesn’t concern space. I think this difference is caused by money. Japanese private schools, being wealthier, are normally bigger than Japanese public schools. Accordingly, Japanese universities are affected by the economy, while American universities are affected by the physiographic factor.

When I was 13, I participated in a summer camp by myself in Philadelphia. Being along, I had to do everything by myself and initiate conversation with other members in order to make friend with them. This is the most important experience in my life. It influenced me a lot and shaped a huge part of my characteristic.

So I had experienced going to the US. Thereby, I am not scared by communication, but the purpose of this summer program is mainly study. We have to take lectures. I thought I couldn’t understand some of them, which worried me a lot even before I went to College of W&M. On the contrary, in fact, I could understand the lectures, because I had a Dialogue Class. It taught me about lectures for me to understand more easily. Dialogue Class and Focus Group helped me in this program. Because this program’s system was detailedly planned. Moreover, I could directly experience American culture, when I had free time. If I always studied inside the classroom, I could not get in contact with other people except for PAs and CIs. This program made me gain a lot of knowledge about American culture and interaction with American people in only 2 weeks. I’m glad I joined this program. And on this occasion, I want to study English harder. Then I want to work in America in the future.


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journal 5

I will write about our presentation, lectures, and life in America.

First, about the presentation. I think we had a good job. We changed something in our presentation, compared to the first presentation we had in japan, so our rate of progression was slow at the start. Especially I was the slowest one in my group, I was afraid of failing in the presentation. It was a bit regrettable that we couldn’t leave enough time to practice how we present, like memorizing our script and trying to put a lot of emotion into reading, but we finally finished our work on time, and didn’t make any big failure in the presentation (at least I think). I remember it even now that I was so nervous in the presentation and really relieved after it. Through the preparation of the presentation, I find some differences of thought and the way of working in a group between Japanese and American. The clearest difference is about positiveness. Though it is almost a common sense, American is much positive than Japanese, and don’t hesitate to show own feeling. They also more regard references as important than Japanese do. I think it may because they were trained to show their bases to be persuasive when they offer their own opinion. It is said that western people are more logical than Asian people, and I think this is an aspect of this difference.

Second, about the lectures. Through the lectures, I learned a lot about America. I learned about American culture, history, politics, etc. Though I can’t have understood everything in the lectures, it was a great experience for me to have a lecture in American university. It was the first time for me to have a lecture in American style, made by American professor, all in English. I want to study abroad in the future, so it was good for me to rehearse what it will be like. It was difficult, of course, but also very interesting. It was also new to me to have a discussion after a lecture. I don’t know if it is common in America, but I think it was good system. It helped me understand lectures more deeply. I want Japan innovate such a system.

Third, about American life. In daily life, the most impressive difference to Japan was foods. It was completely different both in contents and quantity. But It was basically (to be honest, there was a meal I really didn’t like the taste, but only once) very good. Though I had some times to yearn for Japanese food when I was in America, now I get to sometime yearn for foods I had in America. Except for foods, I felt there was not any big differences or problem in daily life. It thanks to help of PAs and CIs, of course, but on other hand, I think people’s life may be homogenized somewhat because of globalization, at least between developed countries.

Through over all the program, I learned many things, and it was different to study about America in America than in Japan. The proverb in Japan says, even one hundred times hearing isn’t worth than a visit (in English, maybe seeing is believing). It is important to study something by real experience, and this program was precious chance to learn about American people, culture, life, etc. I find a lot of differences to Japan like in people’s characteristic, food, shop, and so on. But there also had a lot of similarities, like in daily life, playing, kindness of people. It’s important to learn about differences, but I think it’s also interesting to know about what will not change (even in a different continent).

Even though it was very short time, it was really valuable experience for me. I’d like to say a word of thanks to all those people whose care I have been in in this program

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Journal 5

In this journal, I will write about my thought during the program.  Mainly, I have two topics.

Firstly, I was moved by how people in America encourage their friends’  idea.  Although it was only a two-week program, I had never seen that any PAs or CIs denied the students’ opinions. Rather, they always gave us positive comments such as “Perfect”, “Cool” and “Good”, which made me taking it easy. As I was surprised at the fact that they didn’t say any negative words toward the class, I talked about it with Julia. She taught me that idea was called Idealistic. She also said that it is sometimes good, but can be bad. Even so, I like the concept a lot. I would like to tell my future dream career path to friends of mine in America. I guess this attitude can explain why a lot of important inventions or discoveries are made in the Unites States.

I have a dream I want to pursue in my entire life. That is, being a physician and, after retiring it, building a new type of school, which is weird for someone studying in the faculty of Policy Management at Keio university. So most people in Japan give me some negative comments toward my plan. That is why I honestly do not want to talk about my future career path to the Japanese people. In contrast to this, I should have had a conversation about future with more PAs or CIs. That is because the American people tend to have more challenging dream, which makes me keep motivated. In addition, maybe because their dream also is hard to come true, they wish my dream come true. The difference between the people in the United States and Japan was huge for me. 

Secondly, I recognise I should rely more on my own experience rather than other people’s idea. For example, many friends of mine told me that the food in America was not so good when I said to them I would go there for 2 weeks. So I was worried about meals there. What if I could not eat any… However, the worries was just a waste of time. I loved all the food I ate in America from the junky hamburger at the baseball stadium in Richmond to Mexican food in New Port. From this background, I learned that my impression of something was made by my own feeling. That is why I should depend more on my senses.

From what I saw, more people in America follow their favourites. For instance, I saw a lady who was around 40s putting on new T-shrit which I thought for the teens at the mall in Williamsburg. I like this atmosphere there. In comparison, the Japanese people,especially the young women, pay much attention to the trend or how they were seen rather than their likes. So if you go to Shibuya cross walk, where is famous shopping spot in Tokyo, you can see a lot of young ladies look alike. I hate it. I want to be more original. So I like American way of perception.

At last, I enjoyed this program so much and learned many things from it. I can never forget this summer. The lectures and dialogue classes, focus group work, the historical sight walking in D.C., the museums and the whole culture… It will definitely be one of some most memorable memory in my college life. As I said above, I like American style more. I start to consider continue studying in America. I’m grateful to my mom, the staffs and everyone else for having such experience.

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Journal 5

I didn’t have the image of America so much, so I think I don’t have the preconception to America so much.

The strongest thing I thought about America is that America consists of many different cultures. For example, each PA and SA are derived from many different countries and this is a normal thing in America. I was surprised because the parents of many Japanese are also from Japan and not so much bloods are mixed, so that is not normal thing for me. I wonder it is hard for different people to live together and tend to cause friction.


The most important things I learned was that the situation surrounding Japan may change rapidly and we have to read the sign of the change in order to live well. When I visited the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. and talked to bureaucrats, they told that the world is globalized rapidly and they don’t know how the situation of Japan would change. I agree this strongly. Japan is an advanced country but has many problems. Young people is decreasing in Japan and the economic scale is smaller than China now. The future of Japan isn’t bright so we must prepare for the future well enough to live everywhere. After I visited the embassy, I thought I would like to improve my English skill in order to escape from Japan and live everywhere. On the other hand, I shouldn’t desert Japan and should think the solution about the problems of Japan.


I would still like to learn about races. I saw the movie focusing African-American history in America before I visited America and understand how the segregation is a deep-rooted problems. I’m also interested in the fact that the population of African-American is increasing and will catch up with the population of White people. I would like to observe how the fact has influence on America.

Also, I would like to learn about religion. I heard that now a days Buddhism and zen is spread in some American in my Chinese class at Keio University and I had interested in this fact before I visited America. I think that Religious studies are one of the most interesting studies because religion implicitly represents essential of people. I also surprised at Baptist church derived from African-American. The Baptist church was widely differed from the church derived from White people in spite the fact that both of the church believe in the same religion. Also, it came as a shock to learn that the number of the Catholics because I graduated Catholic school and familiar with Catholic. I would like to increase the Catholics even if the doctrine is out of date.


I noticed that many American are more cheerful and friendly than Japanese. For example, a convenience store staff talked to me that where I am from. I think this is American culture. I am very shy so I couldn’t get used to it. Also every American said to me, “You are welcome.” after I appreciate them. It is also American culture because we Japanese don’t react to others when they express appreciate.


This short program experience was a valuable experience for me. I would like to make good use of this experience and have an interest to America better than before the program.

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The days of the cross cultural collaboration program were greatest days of my life and I will never forget these days. Through this program, I visited a lot of place and had various experience.  I learned a lot of things because this seminar was my first time for going abroad.  

First, I felt the difference of personality between American people and Japanese people. I felt that American people talks more than Japanese people. Every P.A I met talked a lot.  I was overwhelmed by their garrulity, and I didn’t have much scope for talking positively. I was busy of listening to and understanding their questions. I could only answer their questions. I wish I could ask more questions to American people, not only answering their questions. Not only P.A, but also other American people talked a lot. The people who I passed on the street often said “Hello” to me or opened the door for me. The clerks at all the stores which I visited were more friendly and talked more than Japanese clerks. I could enjoy shopping in a relaxed feeling. It was very nice and kind behavior, but it was very strange for me. In Japan, people rarely do that. So I considered American people as kind, frank, and friendly people. However, that can’t be said as a rule because there are many and different people in America.

 Second, I felt the difference of the campus between W&M and Keio. W&M’s campus area is much larger than Keio’s campus. It may be because of the number of the students. In addition to that, there are many squirrels, deer, and statues. Such animals don’t live in Keio’s campus, so seeing animals in the college was very exciting experience for me. Many statues in the campus are also interesting. In Keio’s campus, maybe there is only one statue. It’s the statue of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the founder of Keio University. However, in W&M university, there are a lot of statues. They are statues of graduates such as Thomas Jefferson or James Monroe. That’s very different with Japan. I felt that the role of W&M in the town is different with Keio. I felt W&M is the center of Williamsburg and very important presence to town. On the other hand, Keio is not so important for the city as W&M is in Williamsburg. There is no town which name comes from university or college in Japan.  

 American food was also very surprising to me. It’s simply too big. I often can’t finish all dishes. And I had too many of opportunity to have a hamburger and pizza. They were delicious but I a little got tired of them. Many Japanese food is very small and it has a lot of dishes. My diet was changed greatly during the program. The system of “tip” is also unique. Japan doesn’t have such a system. So It was very difficult and confusing to me.

The most impressive thing in this cross cultural program is visiting Washington D.C. because there is no city such as Washington D.C. in Japan. Washington D.C. specialize in politics and history. Economy and contemporary culture are the field of New York. The cityscape of Washington D.C. is very beautiful and it has sophisticated atmosphere. So I like Washington D.C. very much. I would like to visit Washington D.C. and Williamsburg again. Thankyou.


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