I finally came Washington D.C 14th August.Here is a busy city and I was so exited.
Then I walked around our hotel, I thought here was like Marunouchi in Tokyo because also there is a lot of buildings and important city for politics.For dinner i ate Mediterranean cuisin at restaurant. I also experienced “restaurant week”. This is good for employees but it was so crowded and I couldn’t stay there longer.In Japan, there is a Hanakin which means Friday night. Restaurant sometimes has special menu and happy hour.
when I traveled in America, I always ate typical American food like hamburger got tired of eating them and so missed Japanese food. but during this program, I ate so many kind of food. I realize that American-Chinese food and American-Japanese food are also American culture.

I went to Japanese embassy yesterday.
We had a opportunity to talk with Mr.Seto who was graduated from faculty of literature same as me. He talked to us “you must try hard, and you can learn from failure” It was so great time and opportunity. And then I went to George Town by using uber. I heard about them in Japan, but first time to use uber. It was so useful and convenient because uber came just where we were and driver was so nice. I took a picture with him! I’m worry about whether taxi driver’s income will be decreasing. In Japan, there are a lot of taxi drivers so Japanese government would not adopt uber services. On the other hand, in America, people can have opportunity to change their job and earn money.

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Journal 4

First I would talk about the experience at the Japanese embassy. When we went to the Japanese Embassy we had a chance to have a conversation with the embassy’s staff. We talked with two staffs, Mr. Nemoto and Mr. Seto. The conversation stimulated me a lot.

First, my group talked with Mr. Seto. He introduced himself briefly and then, we took turns talking about what we want to do in the future. Most of us, including me, said we haven’t decided what to do after graduating university. Then Mr. Seto told us that the Japanese society is starting to be rather more acceptable of changing their jobs. Since most companies in Japan have the lifetime employee system, it used to be more common to continue to work for the same company until you retire and would be very hard to change jobs. But recently more people are changing their jobs. Also when we talked to Mr. Nemoto, he talked about his rare career. He first studied Japanese literature in Keio University, but he changed his major to law. In Japan most people decide their major before entering university and do not change their major. By talking with these two people, it made me more relaxing to think about the future and I thought it is important to try to do what I want to do because we have chances to change the directions if we make wrong decisions. It was such a wonderful time at the Japanese embassy.

Next, I would talk about my impressions of Washington D.C. as the capitol city. Before going to Washington D.C., I was wondering why there are so many important buildings in the same place. I thought it is making Washington D.C. more dangerous because if there is somebody trying to attack America, Washington D.C. would be a perfect place to attack. However, when I went to see the memorials and other places like the White House, I understood why they took the risk to have those buildings close to each other. Through visiting the monuments, I felt the whole history of America because there were many monuments related to various parts of the history, not just one part. For example, there was the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial next to the Lincoln Memorial. All of them are related to the history from different period of time. By visiting these monuments we would think about each history that has relation with the monument. In Japan, there is no such place like Washington D.C. so we have to go to different places to see each memorial. And if we go to the place we think only about one period of the history. I think Washington D.C. stimulates people’s identity as an American. Also, by having many important buildings in Washington D.C., it reminds people that the capitol city is Washington D.C. and how important it is.

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Journal 4

After about 2.5h driving from Williamsburg, we arrived Washington DC. It’s the capital of the U.S, and we will spend last 3days here.
In the first free day, I chose to visit National Gallery and International Spy Museum after lunch. I ‘m truly surprised by the huge museum for art. The museum is separated to west building and east tower. They totally have collections. I spent about 2 hours there. And what really impressed me was a painting by Vangogh which is called “Roses”. It is a quite weird painting I think. There are many white roses in a vase and the background is painted in green. White roses means elegant and pure. And white is always the color for angles. But in the picture, some of these roses are actually withered. And the green background, actually is green with white, it is not a kind of warm color. So both of background and rose gave me a negative impression. In my opinion, Vangogh’s paintings always give me that image and he was not a positive person, since even his self painting has a blue background. And blue always means sad and upset. In fact, I think most of Vangogh’s paintings give me negative feelings and I can’t watch them for a long time.
Washington has lots of museums to visit, and it is also suitable to go shopping. On the red metro line, here is a stop called Pentagon City and it has a fashion center which has near 400 shops. I spent my second free day there. But unfortunately, most brands there I thought were not my style and at last I only bought a pair of short pants and a bag. Since Urara felt not well, we called Qiaoyue and Lilin to help us to find a CI who could drive her back to hotel. And then Brain came to pick us up and we went back to hotel at about 3 p.m. Well, even I didn’t do so much shopping in Pentagon City, I still really like there. Since I found a milk tea shop there and it was really nice, sincerely.
And in the evening, we did a memorial trip in national mall with dialogue class. We saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, WWII Memorial and memorials for Korean War and Vietnam War. What I felt mostly is it’s too hard and tired to walk for 3 hours without finishing dinner! However, I have to walk for a quite long time tomorrow since we will go to museums and stay there for 7 hours.
I don’t think it will be fine for me to walk tomorrow, but I have to. What I can do it’s just hope that museums must be fun.

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journal 4

I got to Washington DC on fourteenth August. This is my first visit to there. When I realized that DC is the short of “District of Columbia” and Columbia is named after Christopher Columbus, it completely makes sense. I think it is adequate for the capital of the U.S., because the organization of the government such as the Congress or the Supreme court and so on is collectively in the DC. I thought the major organization of Japan is so collectively, too, but those of the U.S. is closer than those of Japan. When I took Uber, I realize it. The experience of taking Uber taught me various things. The very first taking an Uber is so embarrassing because we took mistake about the driver. We got in the wrong car and asked him to take a picture with us. When we realized he was the wrong driver, we were upset. Uber is not popular in Japan and even opposed by the Japanese government and taxi companies in Japan. After I got to the mall, I am so surprised at that it is so useful. I am really sorry that we do not have Uber in Japan. Moreover, it is so cheap that I think Japanese taxi is too expensive, so I hesitate to use it. and I can realize that taxi companies oppose the introducing Uber in Japan. When I got to the mall in pentagon city, I was surprised at the arbitrary price of products such as jeans, shirts, and shoes. I think the base price of the products in the U.S. is too expensive and It should be much cheaper. If the product isn’t bought, the base price in Japan is getting lower before the sale.

We went to the embassy, I had a good experience. it was rain so I struggled with walking in the rain to the embassy. This was my first time to walk in the such heavy rain in the U.S. it took about thirty minutes, so it was really annoying for me. One of the officer of the embassy, Mr. Nomoto explain to us about the work of embassy. I am interested in the arrangement for Japanese newspaper company.

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Journal 4 Taiga Koen

We left Williamsburg in August 14 and went to Washington, D.C.  Williamsburg is peaceful and comfortable place and the hotel in Williamsburg was also comfortable that was because the premise of the hotel was very large and the hotel had some amusement facilities such as the pool and the golf course and so on. Thus, I miss Williamsburg.
Yesterday, soon after discussion in the embassy was finished, we ate Ethiopian food in lunch time with Laura, Daniel and “three Yuki” and Hayato. There are not Ethiopian food restaurants near my house, so I was glad to eat it! After lunch, we went to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City to go shopping and visited the United States Department of Defense and the national congress. Then, we ate dinner in China town and came back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, I felt that the atmosphere in Washington, D.C. was dramatically changed from the daytime to the night. There were many homeless and many police were deployed everywhere. Also, I often heard the siren of a police car especially during night. This situation make clear that the bad public peace in Washington, D.C., and I heard Washington, D.C. is one of the worst public peace city in the USA. I also learned in discussion that the government got donation from the British people, named James Smithson. And by using this donation, the government built some museums to change the image of Washington, D.C. from just the political city to the prosperous city where more people visit or live.
On the other hand, Tokyo is also capital city in Japan, but is usually safe and is the most prosperous city in Japan . The number of homeless in Tokyo is much smaller than that in Washington, D.C. Probably, this situation is caused by difference of welfare and unemployment insurance between Japan and the USA. In addition, Tokyo have also many buildings, however, unlike Washington, D.C., there are few buildings of stone. That is because Japan has a lot of earthquakes and buildings of stone have risk to collapse.
Also, I found the difference between Japan and the USA when I took the train in August 16. When the train was delayed, there was no announcement and no apology for our waiting. This may be usual in the USA, but in Japan, this is unusual. In Japan, even if the train is delayed for only five minutes, the station attendant will apologize for our waiting. It is not rare that Japanese apologize for the trivial mistakes which they (Japanese) don’ t make by themselves.

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Journal 4

I think Washington, D.C. is a city of the diversity.
Japan is one of the diversity too, but in Washington, D.C., more various cultures exist. And in Washington D.C. there are a lot of the most advanced things.
I will introduce the differences between Japan and America from three points of view.

First, there are many kind of restaurants. For example, Mexican, Belgian, Ethiopian, Greek…. I wonder that the reason why many different country’s restaurants exist. In my opinion,
a lot of people want their home country’s food. So naturally, there are these many restaurants.

In Japan, of course we can see the various kinds of restaurants. For example, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Hawaiian…. But, they are special things. And, by the trend these restaurants are rise and fall. So without searching the restaurant we want to go, we can’t find that.
However, in Washington D.C. those exists.

Second, today we use “uber” for the first time. I think this system can be a new transportation system. And “uber” is suitable to this city.
The best things of “uber” is that We can use “uber” only by a smartphone. In both of Washington, D.C. and Japan, everyone has smartphone, so in my opinion, ”uber” is the most advanced transportation system. But, “uber” has a lot of problems. There are many crimes like clip joints and frauds.

Meanwhile, in Japan intaking “uber” is difficult. It is because we can forecast taxi drivers might lose their jobs.
In NY, yellow taxi is main stream for tourists. So, we can see many taxi in this city. But In Washington D.C., I didn’t see taxi very much, So “uber” is becoming new main stream.

Third, I went to the White House. The White House is tourist attractions in Washington D.C., and a symbol of politics not only America but also all over the world.

Therefore, Tokyo is also “big” city, but Washington D.C. have more diversity.

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Journal 4

Regarding the final Dialogue class about the Capital city of America was helpful for me, because this is the first time to go abroad and I really do not know about the Washington D.C. First, Raven told us that the structure of the government of the US. Interestingly, unlike the Japanese Prime Minister, American President has a strong power of deciding a lot of things, but the President, Congress and Legal keep their balances by Checks and Balances. Moreover, since the President Trump started to become President, the structure seems to be changing and the main issue is the improvement of tax and health care for individuals.

On August 15th, through visiting Japanese Embassy, I learned what the main job of the Embassy. Their main jobs are negotiation and they have to be able to communicate with a lot of and various people. This is most difficult job because they seem to be struggling from many differences like thoughts, languages. What I was most surprised is that they have to ask cooperation with American army, if the Japanese Prime Minister comes to America. I never thought that. Moreover, the officer who talked with us was also interesting for me. They have some goals or achievements and realize the tasks against them, and they also learn about a lot of things like American people how to think about their cultures or politics through negotiation.

As the monuments of the US, the Obelisk is most interesting. Interestingly, the color of tower is not the same at all layers. This is because the building was repeated to making and stopping. Actually, I got lost the way to go back hotel, but thanks to the Obelisk, I could find the way to go back the beacon hotel, so I really appreciated the Obelisk. And next, we went to the Supreme Court, the Congress, and its library. They have beautiful and powerful statues or monuments. From them, I learned that the ancient American people made great effort to establish the great country, America, and they are still continuing to make them country as the United States of America. Especially, the Supreme Court is so impressive for me. There are many exhibitions and marvelous buildings. They told me that American people were enthusiastic to make a lot of discussion and a big decision about many cases in Judge. When I go back to Japan, I want to visit the Supreme Court and review the history about it.

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Journal 4

I went to Georgetown with some friends during the free time on August 15th. At that time, I took subway for my first time. In Japan, I access subway almost every day, because I must take subway to go to school. However, it is completely different from subway in Washington, D.C. so I was very surprised, and felt fresh. Therefore, I want to write about the differences between subway in Tokyo(Japan) and one in Washington, D.C. in this Journal.

The points that I focus on are the structure of station and the train. The first, about the station, what I the surprised most is the depth of the underground (the length of the escalator). To compare with Japan, there is much dark, and we had to go down the long escalator, so I was little scared. In addition, the ceiling of the platform is positioned horizontally to the ground in Tokyo(Japan). On the other hand, ceiling is arched in Washington, D.C.

The second, about the structure of the train, there were a lot of differences too. For example, there are a lot of advertisement in the train, like on the doors, the windows, and near the ceiling, while there are few advertisements in the train in Washington, D.C. Also. Japanese trains must have strap, but ones in Washington, D.C. don’t have. Furthermore, the seats along the window are measure in Japan, in contrast, seats toward the engine are measure in Washington, D.C.

I think that these differences are caused by the difference of the number of subway users. In Japan, many people access subway for commuting, so most of the train become packed train in the morning on weekdays. That’s why trains are came up with a different way, such as arrangement to many people could ride on the train in Japan. Conversely, I think subway users in Washington, D.C. are few. What I mentioned above are the differences of the subway I noticed.

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When I came to Washington,D.C., I first thought that this city has more people than williamsburg. Also, I thought that I can not see the cityscape like Washington,D.C. in Japan because the cityscape of main of Washington is like an intersection on a Go board and radiates in all direction from traffic circle. The reason I pay attention to this is that my old brother who major in architecture at Nagoya University said to me that thd buildings in Washington,D.C. are build with high technology. So when I looked at famous buildings such as the White House, Washington National Cathedral, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial, all of these buildings reflect neoclassicism, Georgian Colonial style, and Gothic style or morden architecture and the other famous buildings in Washington,D.C. do as well. Also, most of the museums’ appearance in Washington,D.C. have a lot of white pillars ,so they are like Parthenon in Graecia or world cultural heritages. On the other hand, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, you can see only a lot of skyscrapers and their appearances are simple and not artistic. In additon to this, there are only a few museums and the size of them are much smaller than in Washington. Therefore I saw the expansiveness of the United States of America in a new light.
I was suprised that I can enter National Archives for free and I was searched my baggage at the entrance so I felt admiration for the high security when I went to National Archives. The museum explains American race, women right and slaverw which I learned at the lectures and displays real books about them along the history. What I was impressed most by is after all the original of the Declaration of Independece. Its letters faded so I can not read it. The originals of Constitution of the United States and Bill of right are displayed closely-guarded with it. Once I thought that thanks to these archives the United States of America was founded, I am proud of this experience. On the other hand, Japan has been Independ for many years ,so we have no idea about the exact year when Japan was founded. However, in Japan February 11th stands for National Foundation Day. This day was decided based on Japanese myths. This is because The Emperor Kanmu who were first emperor in the oldest chronicles of Japan ascended the throne on the day. The values between American and Japnese foundation are very different, so I have not thought about various countries’ foundation, but from now on I want to think of foundation of the countries escept for Japan and America.

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Journal 4

 The next day after arriving at Washington D.C., I went to the Japanese Embassy on foot. In the embassy, Wako, a leader of our program, made a presentation about our program. She talked that what we learned, how the program of the College of William and Mary and Keio University was wonderful. There are few opportunities to go to the embassy and I didn’t know what was going on at the embassy, so the time was so interesting for me.

 After the Japanese embassy tour, I rode American subway for the first time,  I found the difference of indication on digital display between America and Japan. In America, there is no indication of arriving time on digital display. Also even if train delay happens, there is no apologies of it. On the other hand, in Japan the opposite things happen. I think that there is a reason of it. It is related to the individualism in America and the collectivism in Japan. American people are more independent than Japanese people. So I thought that American train companies didn’t mind their passengers’ schedule more than necessary. I also thought that when train delay happened, American train companies put making trains arrive at station before apologizing their passengers. In contrast, Japanese think that one fault influences everyone else who is in the same place. So I thought that Japanese train companies indicated arriving time on digital display in order not to make their passengers’ schedule change. Also, I thought that  when train delay happend, they felt that they bothered their passengers, and Japanese train companies apologized.

 The difference between America and Japan is so interesting because I can see the cultural difference in the daily landscape.

 My Washington D.C life is so fun, but I am very sad because I have to leave America in two days…

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