Journal 5

There are many things I learned through this program, but from them I will mention two things that I especially felt interested in.
First, the biggest thing I felt while spending time in America was importance of deeply thinking, not language barriers. Actually, my most anxiety before studying abroad was difficulties of not being able to convey what I think to American people because of my poor English skills. My first dialogue class made me realize a new thing, however. In the class, I was asked whether I had a question about the lecture before the class. I couldn’t say anything, though. The reason was that I didn’t deeply think about the contents of the lecture. It was true that my English skill was not good, but I learned the following thing. Even if you can speak English very well, you can’t say anything about something if you don’t think about it properly. Therefore, studying English in order to improve my English skills, I had a precious experience of clarifying what I think about and how I convey it to someone by using a foreign language in this program.
Second thing I learned was that individualism in America and collectivism in Japan from the differences of attitudes toward classes between America and Japan. American students positively are involved in classes. On the other hand, Japanese students are too shy to speak in class. I guess that in America a way of thinking that you should say what you want to tell develops. In contrast, in Japan students mind that how they are thought of about theirselves by telling what they want to say. In short, many Japanese students focus on maintaining the harmony or cooperation of their groups. However I think that we have to be involved in class more and more because it is necessary to make classes be active and intellectual.
Through this program, I felt that many American people had an awareness of diversity and rights. So, I thought that I should study American diversity and rights, especially the rights of LGBTQ people because I majored in gender and sexuality in university. There is same problem in Japan too, but they are not treated as a problem very much. On the contrary, the thought that loving the other sex person is natural is still very superior. Therefore, I want to learn that why American people deeply think about the problems and what perspectives they have. In addition to the study, I also must study the differences of way of thinking between Americans and Japanese more and more. By doing like that, I think I can get some hint of changing the present condition about sexual minority people in Japan.
As I put above, I was worried about participating this program at first, but in the end I was so excited during this program because W&M PAs, CIs, directors and Keio students were very kind and interesting. I was glad that I could have various experience with everyone. I really hope that I can see you again. Thank you so much for seeing and supporting me!

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Journal 5

The most important thing I learned was to be confident and express opinions. When I first attended the first dialog class at William and Mary, I was very worried if my English skills were good enough and not brave enough to express my opinions. And I thought somebody else would answer the question so I can wait for that instead of answering by myself. However I learned that if I say nothing, no one would know what I am thinking and saying nothing is almost same as thinking nothing or not listening to that person’s story in America. So when we attend classes I learned that I can’t just wait somebody to point me and ask my opinion, but say my ideas actively. In Japan, listening to the teacher’s lecture is usually the most important part of class. However after I finished the program I understand the importance of active classes. Of course listening to the lecture is very important, but I think just listening lessens our concentration. When I attended lectures in Japan, I sometimes slept during the class when I was very tired. However, I did not sleep during the classes at William and Mary because I had he pressure that if I sleep now I would have no opinions and cannot share anything with the classmates. So I not just listened to the teacher during the class but think what is different from Japan or what I couldn’t understand. That helped me understand the lecture better and concentrate more. So I would like to keep on doing this when I take lectures in Japan and exchange ideas with my friends.

The other thing I learned is to be confident. Before the program I had no confidence especially for my English skills. I thought my English skills were very poor and I disliked saying that I am a returnee. Also I tried not to speak English as much as I can. However during the program teachers and CIs told me to be confident of my English and that made me very happy and gain a little confidence. It also made me speak more English not just with PAs and CIs but with the students from Keio. Since I used English for most of the time during the program, I feel that my English skills got a little better than before. I learned that having confidence helps us to challenge ourselves and that makes us more mature or experienced.

I learned many things about America during this program and religion was the most interesting thing and I would like to keep studying about this. By listening to the lecture about religion, learning American history and visiting the church made me understand how important religion is to people in America. It was also interesting how religion is different in Japan. I still remember I couldn’t answer my religion when we talked about it during the dialog class. I think most young people cannot answer their religion correctly in Japan. However it doesn’t mean that religion is not important to us. I learned that we can figure out new things by comparing different cultures. I think I wouldn’t have been able to realize this difference if I hadn’t participated in this program.

Even though two weeks was such a short time I learned so many things through this program and it was an excellent experience. I want to thank all the PAs, CIs, teachers and other staffs who supported us the whole two weeks and helped us have a wonderful experience. I strongly believe that everybody who has a chance should participate in this program. I hope I can meet the staffs again someday. Thank you so much for everything!


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Before I went to the United States to join in this program, I thought that America is a funny and pleasant country. This is because I just watched TV, read books and magazines and was heard from my family and friends about the United States, and this studying abroad was my first trip to the United States. In order to join in this program, I searched for American information, such as the year, the way and the reason America was independent and American latest politic affairs. However, these research was not enough, so I can not understand factual situation about America.

After many professors taught us various American information, such as food, music, religions, politics, and slavery, I felt that my acknowledge about the United States was very little and I was embarrassed for this reason. I can turn my eyes to not funny and pleasant America but serious and academic one by recognizing the United States itself. Also, I want to know about American politics in detail, and American today’s economic and environmental problems. However, I thought that I didn’t know about Japan so much on the way I was studying the United States. I thought that I could not know about foreign countries without talking to the local people about my own country when I go to the country in the future. For this reason, I think that I should search for and know about Japan.

Also, I had thought that it was difficult to maintain the idea of a diverse society because we are surrounded by people with the same nationality. Yet, going to America helped me understand that diversity is not only about race, ethnicity and religion, but it also applies to other things too such as regional, political, economical and educational aspects. I still remember how fascinated I was when I got to figure out how one thing could be complexly related with another, and that cultural studies wasn’t only about seeking one answer, but to be able to view it from multiple perspectives. Sadly, we cannot do this overnight, we need to have the knowledge to do so and moreover, the key is to observe the situation. This is one of the things I also gained during my stay in America. I often noticed myself looking around trying to spot the difference from Japan. It was interesting to find out the ‘why’ based on the things we learnt and coming up with the possible answers.
While we got to cover many historical parts of American culture that lead to what the country is today, the things that were currently relatable also caught my attention. I had always thought that people in Japan did not to show much interest in politics and are conservative. On the other hand, from what I saw from the media, people in America were the opposite; they had their own voices and seemed like they were always seeking for improvement and didn’t look back. Therefore, I was taken by surprised to hear that so many people were afraid of changes and fear diversity, which turned out to be the result of the election of Trump. I am aware that many people still oppose of him being president, but I felt it ironic that although people are afraid of changes, they still chant for America to be great again while so many issues are getting worse, which causes a gap between expectation and reality.

Next, let’s move on most important things I learned in America. I learned a variety of things, and it is cross cultural communication that I learned the most important of the things, for this studying abroad program was my first studying abroad, so I can communicate with foreign people for the first time.I experienced various things with PAs and CIs. For example, we went to Yorktown beach, played hot sauce game at midnight, did night pool party, walked so long way of slave trail with you. In addition, of course we had breakfast, lunch and dinner, and did dialogue class and focus group work with you. We studied seriously and also played some games. These are really priceless experiences. Thank you very much.



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journal 5

Journal 5
The most important thing I learned through this program is about Gender and Sexuality on August 7th. It was not until I listen to the lecture that I was able to learn about LGBT problem. I knew the words “Lesbian” and “Gay”. But, I didn’t know the word “LGBT”. I thought “if born as a man, it is normal to live as a man, and vice versa. If not, it is funny.” before. However recently, since various people are in the world, I started thinking that it is not impossible. At the same time, I felt this was a very difficult problem. People who are man but at heart are woman (=transgender) are hard to live such as which sex they should go to in the toilet. Since the times have changed, I thought that I should think about it instead of leaving as a stranger. Then, On August 25th, President Trump agreed with document which instruct substantial prohibition of transgender people to join the US military etc. This policy is the opposite policy of former President Obama. And as I wrote in my journal 2, it has been drawing attention in Japan as well. In this way, now this has become a hot topic. So, I think that I would like to know more about it.
There are some things I noticed when I went to America. First, it is about landscape. The townscape was very beautiful in every town I visited in the US such as Williamsburg, Washington, New York and Boston. And I understand why. That is that there are no telephone poles. In Japan, we can see many telephone poles and electric wires in almost everywhere. Regarding New York, even though the litter was falling around there, I felt it was clear if I did not see the ground. When I looked it up on the internet, I found that movements to eliminate utility poles has been achieved in most developed countries except Japan. Even though Japan has not enough money to fill in the ground with electric wires and so on because Japan is one of the most debt countries in the world, I would like the government to do construction at just big cities for disaster prevention, traffic safety and landscape.
Second, I had a preconception about American food that there are a lot of fast food restaurants. I thought that American people tend to have High-calorie and fast food every day such as hamburger and sparkling. It was true but I was surprised that the price is high. While a bottle of water is about 100yens ($0.9) in Japan, it was about $3.0 in America. The price of miscellaneous goods is higher in America as well. I was surprised that there are a lot of Starbucks, deluxe coffee shop, in the Manhattan. I think American tend to spend more money than Japanese. I actually experienced that America is a consuming society that I learned from lecture.
Thirdly, I did not know what to buy souvenirs for my friends and parents. In Japan, there are various things unique to Japan such as shrines and temples. Meanwhile there are not many U.S. unique things. This also applies to souvenirs. I think because the unique culture and food of Japan has developed since Japan has long been a history. And America was made by immigrants in the 17th century, so the history of America is not long very much and culture specific to U.S. was not born and did not develop much.
I felt a lot about cultural observation of life in the United States. For example, when leaving the hotel to return to Japan, we hugged with PAs and CIs. We don’t absolutely do it in Japan and I think that Japanese will shake hands instead. And we danced happily on the day I got a lecture on American music. Other opportunity for skin ship from usual were more than in Japan. I don’t know why, but I thought we could get along well for as short as about 3 weeks since Americans were so friendly in this way. I like that in America. Also, in Washington D.C., entrance fee of almost museums was free. There are many people there and they read explanation about exhibitions thoroughly. And PAs such as Daniel know a lot of things and can speak Japanese more than I expected even though I heard they love Japan. So, I felt American were enthusiastic about studying.
The contents of lectures and listening were sometimes difficult, but I could learn a lot of things from detailed things about America to everyday life through this program. Since the President of America was Trump, there are various problems. As a result, two days before I went to Boston, there was a white supremacist rally in downtown Boston. But I could enjoy staying safety during this program. And since this study abroad was short, I thought that I would like to study abroad for a longer period next time.
Leah, thank you very much for teaching about lectures and checking my journals. It was so short time, but it was a lot of fun. When you come to Japan, please keep in touch me! See you again!!
P.S. I submitted rewrite of journal 1 with journal 2, but I didn’t receive Journal Grading Rubric of journal 1. How about was that?

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journal 5

All events during the Keio/W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration program were interesting and impressed for me. I learned a lot of things from them and I also found that some of my perception before the program were wrong.

First of all, I strongly felt the difference between America and Japan especially throughout lectures. There are various differences from food to the way of thinking. Sometimes I can’t understand lectures, because of the difference. For example, about race. Before I went to America, I knew many kinds of people live in America, and America has some problems about race. However, they were more serious than I thought, and American people always think of them earnestly. I think Japanese people including me regard Japanese problems of race as light, even though Japan also has problems about race. This is because almost all people living in Japan are Japanese. I spent two weeks in America, which has different background of race, and I realized I need to consider and discuss both American and Japanese problems more.


Secondly, I found out that communication with many people was so wonderful and important. Maybe this was the most important thing I learned from the program. I talked with many foreign people in English for the first time in my life. At first, I was so nervous of speaking English, because I was not confident about my English. However, PAs and CIs always enjoy conversation with me. It is more important to try to express my opinions than to try not to make mistakes. After I realized that, I enjoy talking in English not only with PAs and CIs, but also with local people in the church and in Washington D.C. Everyone I talked with was friendly, and liked Japan. I was so glad to hear that. The most memorable conversation was with woman in the church. She was a teacher of English, and she majored in English literature. She told me the pronunciation and accent were important when I spoke English. She also told me her experience when a Japanese student stayed with her family, and she said she liked Japan very much. It was precious and heartwarming time.


Finally, I come to want to learn more about America after I returned to Japan, because America has regional diversity mentioned in the first lecture. During this program, I visited Williamsburg, Yorktown, Richmond, and Washington D.C. I felt every cities had various atmosphere and scenery. America has many big cities and rural area other than cities I visited. Each city has different culture, history, and so on. So I would like to visit other places, eat local food, speak local people, and discover many attractions of the cities.


Through Keio/W&M Cross-Cultural Collaboration program, I spent precious and meaningful two weeks. I owe it to all Peer Assistants, Classroom Instructors, and Academic Directors. I thank all of you for supporting me, and now I miss you very much. I want to come back to America someday, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

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journal 5

I learned many things in U.S. I knew not only American culture and society but also courage to speak to foreign people.

First, about American culture and society, I could know them by Framework lecture and Dialogue class. There are many kinds of lectures so I could enjoy them every day. Especially I was interested in the lecture about gender and sexuality. I found that even America, social structure for LGBTQ has not been completed yet. I want to come with this problem from now on. And, in dialog class, I had opportunities to question about the lecture. Also, my dialogue class teacher (CI) was very kind and well-informed person. Therefore, I could deepen my knowledge of the lectures cheerfully.

In addition, there were other opportunities to understand American culture and society. One of them is Focus group presentation. Since We were in Japan, we have worked on comparison between Japan and America in each group. In my group, we searched Power Ranger which is localization of Japanese Super Sentai series and made a presentation about how they developed and Power Ranger got diversity. We tackled the subject with a local student (PA) and as well as keio students so we could have a constructive discussion under American logical thinking. I learned how to make good presentation from local students. My charge was Power Ranger and Super Sentai series difference about race and ethnic, and from this difference, made a comparison between thought about race and ethnic in America and that in Japan. I could put my learning from Framework lecture and Dialogue class, As I told before, and I found many good reasons for my argument. Presentation was good experience because we did them in large hall and use power point. I was very nerves but my group mate and PA encouraged me, and as a consequence I could have a presentation with self-confidence.

Another opportunity is free time and visit to museums and sightseeing spots. In free time, my PA or CI take me to the restaurants near the university and enjoyed shopping with keio students. There were many museums in Williamsburg and Washington DC. Particularly Natural Museum of Natural History was very interesting because many stuffed animals and beautiful gems were in there. If I had stayed in Washington DC more, I would have been to there and look all display inside out. Also, I had never been abroad so I was worried about tipping. However, once I understood that tipping is just one of the way of express my gratitude to good service, I thought American culture is interesting. In dinner, there are Italian cuisine, Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and so on other than American cuisine but all of them are Americanized.

I want to search why this happens someday. American society and culture are completely different from Japanese one, but we can understand and enjoy them. I think that is very important.

Second, I became not to be afraid when I talk to foreigner in English. My roommate was local student so I got used to speaking English. I found that what necessary for English conversation is to have a courage to talk to them. I want to use this power for the future.

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Wonderful and Perfect Two Weeks (Journal 5)

When I look back the two weeks in the States, what I can say is it was the right decision that I participated in the program. I could get and learn much more than I expected.


One thing is what I learned about American culture which turned out to be much more complicated than I thought before I went to the US. Before I went to William and Mary and took those lectures, I wrote two papers on history of foundation or colonial era and discrimination on black people. At that time, I thought as if I get the whole history and fact of the topic which is totally wrong. A couple books don’t and cannot describe the American culture. American culture has connection with history, people’s daily life, government and countries around America. Further more each topic is united too. For instance, civil right movement appeared several times in lectures and discussion class we had. It has relationship with             Each aspect of American culture doesn’t stand alone but supports and is supported by other aspects. When we look at the certain object and try to analyze it from the point of American culture, it can be very difficult because of its complicat複雑さ.


The lecture and discussion class at Williamsburg gave me knowledge and way to think about American culture, while the visit to Japanese embassy in D.C. gave a chance to think of how I can use the knowledge I got. An ambassador asked us what we want to do in the future. I couldn’t answer more than “I want to do something using English”. I would like to work “internationally” but haven’t decided the detail. My major is business which can be what I will do in the future. If I serve business, knowledge that culture of one country has a big influence on business too (which I learned i this program) will be very useful because a culture affect consumption and the way people think. Also it makes sense that my English teacher told us to write a paper on business and culture as a final term paper. Even though English is used all around the world, this program made me think I want to work in America because American culture is very interesting and I want to know more about it.


Another thing is the connection with all CA, PA, Neeve and Bryan. CAs are so energetic and passionate on American culture which inspired me to be that way. I’m very grateful to them for willing to share their ways of thinking or experience including things Ari and Ravynn told us when we went to a vigil. Neeve helped our focus group a lot with finding the thesis willing to even give us an article. Getting to know with them changed my way of thinking. I want to be someone like them willing to give others, someone always passionate and sensitive to the world around me.

PAs inspired me with their Japanese skills. They speak Japanese really well and I’m sure they have made a lot effort to reach there. I need to study with more effort to brush up my English too. Everyone involved in this program are so nice and sweet which made my two weeks stay a better thing. I want to keep in touch with them!!!


I found myself changed the way of looking at the world soon after the program. One moment that I felt a change in me is when I watched the movie Kong; skull island on flight to go back to Japan. The movie takes place in the time right after Vietnam War. Maybe because I visited Vietnam War memorial and heard the story of it by Ari, and saw an exhibition on wars at the National Museum of American History in D.C., I I could not enjoy the movie as the entertainment with some complex feelings. I wondered how American people feel or think of the movie. I guess there is a gap between how elderlies perceive the story and how young people do. I want to keep having wonder or doubt like this when I look at both American Japanese culture.


Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone in this program especially people of William and Mary. All of you gave me the wonderful two weeks. I can not wait to see you again!!! I will definitely visit America again and I want you to visit Japan too! Tell me when you visit here!

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I could learn a lot of things during this program.
First, before I came to America, I thought I had to talk with perfect English and correct grammar when I talk to someone in English. In Japan, Most students study English at least 6years or so and study every day at desk and memorize a lot of academic words. Because English is nothing more than ‘study’ to enter university for Japanese students. However, I found that was not good for communicate with people. I realized that just speaking English and practicing conversation is more important than trying to speak perfect English. And also I realize that just think I want you to understand what I want to say and talk with easy English, everything would be ok. I talked with someone many times, and then I backed to my room, I looked up what I could not explain well over and over, finally that connected to improve my English skills. And CIs and PAs frequently praised me that my English was so good and pronunciation was nice. That was motivated me and I got more confident.
Second, I was interested in American food culture.
I took the lecture about them and I learned the origin of lunch and American dinner. For example, fast food culture was spread throughout the U.S because people thought that lunch must be ueaten quickly in order to return office as soon as possible. However, in Japan, that kind of culture didn’t spread, on the other hand, well-prepared lunch like Bento box and Chara[it means cartoon character]Ben[a clipped word of Bento box] is getting famous and more and more mothers struggle to make them. And that kind of culture becomes the way to express affection for their children. I wonder where the differences between Japan and the U.S comes from. I think both culture have a good point and bad point. Fast food is bad for health but it is easy to make and eat. Well-prepared food is good for health and looks nice but take long time to make it. So I hope someone develop fast healthy food in the future for both Americans and Japanese.
During this program, I ate so many kinds of foods. Every time I visit the U.S, I always eat typical American foods like hamburger pizza and steak and get tired of eating them. In addition I miss Japanese food to death while on a trip. So I brought a lot of Japanese foods for this situation. However they were unnecessary because I enjoyed different culture foods. And I realized that for example American-Chinese food and American-Japanese food is also American culture. I was surprised Chinese people make Japanese food at Oishii!
As for food, I went to Shakeshack in Washington D.C. I tried a limited menu in the U.S and it was awesome. It is not just that, I told to staff that I work at shakeshake in Tokyo, they really welcomed me and gave a T-shirt for free! I was so surprised and moved! Now I work wearing it.

I experienced a lot of things and feel American culture. I keep studying English hard and someday I want to back to Washington D.C!
I want to say thank all of the people. I love you all.

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Journal 5

I had many precious experiences in this two weeks.  I could learn real problems in the U.S.  Actually, I know those are only a part of many problems.  However, I think it is important to know little by little about these problems.  So, I would like to write what I felt in the U.S. in this last journal.

First, I was surprised about the food.  In the U.S., everything is bigger than Japan.  So, I couldn’t sometimes eat all of them.  Additional, American food is very unnatural.  This  means American food is very spicy or sweet.  I like this taste, but I am sometimes disgusted.

Next, I’m going to talk about most impressive lecture in this two weeks.  My favorite lecture is Culture, Citizenship and Consumption.  Because I belong to the commerce and business department.  So, I study about that things in Japan.  I was surprised that there is connection between citizenship and consumption, because I heard this idea for the first time.  I think that this way of thinking is American specific.  Because there are a lot of race and racial problems get attention in the U.S.  So, citizenship leads to consumption.  This means people buys things tailored to society and culture.  People wants to wear the same things with most people.  I think what to wear expresses that society.  If people wants to enter a society, maybe first of all, they buy something suitable for the society.  I thought that citizenship is such as important for people.

Finally, I want to talk about my impression in the U.S.  I was surprised that all of the lectures connect with racial problems.  Racial problems are indispensable in talking about my learning in the U.S.  I thought American history is always with racial problems.  And African American made a lot of foundations of American culture, for example American music that is from the Richmond Slave Trail and lunch is from slave.  However, it is recently that racial problems came to be viewed as problems and there are still racial prejudices.  I was very surprised that there are still big racist organizations like KKK, sometimes big crash happened and big racial history is very recently.  Before I came to the U.S., I thought racial problems are not so big problems.  Because, in Japan, we don’t feel racial problems and it was not familiar with us.  But I learned that racial problems are not familiar with us and we have to know more these problems, since the world is becoming globalized more and more.  So, I think that we must treat this problem more seriously.

In this CCC program, I learned a lot of things, taught interest culture and got very precious experiences.  I learned from not only the lectures but also talking with PAs and CIs.  However I felt I must study English more, because I couldn’t tell them all of my thinking because of my English ability.  I would like to study more about racial problems and citizenship and consumption in Japan.  I want to thank for everyone involved, like CIs, PAs and all of participant.  And, I am very grad to join this program and meet them.

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Journal 5

By learning American culture with various aspects and meeting with ambitious people in W&M Keio cross cultural collaboration program, I can say in confidence that my way of thinking has changed positively. Two weeks have passed too fast but I could have fulfilling days. That was an irreplaceable and wonderful time.

I learned lots of interesting American culture from lectures. Race is something that is new to me to consider. The people who have different way of thinking living together in a country is something I could not imagine before because I was brought up in the mono racial society. However, I think being at the multi racial society is enviable experience because we can know various unique culture from different races. At the same time, I felt discrimination and segregation in the past are still the big issue in America. The incident happened in Virginia seem to represent what is still going on in America about the race issue. After learning about the race in America, “race” became one of the topics I want to learn more about. The culture in Multi-racial nation is deeply enmeshed and sometimes it is confusing but for this reason, I think multi-racial nation hold a respect in diversity.

During the program, I actually experienced how Americans respecting diversity. When I was asked to give opinions in Japan, what comes up to my mind first to think about is “ What is the best answer to this question?” or “What is the answer that professor wants to hear?” Pursuing the best answer to the question, I always forget what I was really thinking. I was not valuing my own opinions without noticing it. The first discussion class in the program however made me realized the importance of providing one’s honest opinions. To be honest, I didn’t understand what professor was trying to say in the lecture but I am not confident enough to speak up. And this is something that happens to me in Japan every time so I had no thought of asking question about it. Our CI, Ari said to us first, “ Everyone, just tell me what you feel about the lecture. Anything is OK.” Believe it or not, at the word from Ari, the Japanese mood shifted and everyone started to say his or her thoughts. And Ari acknowledged our questions and opinions with a polite nod. What I learned from this cultural difference is that Americans are tolerant and has high acceptance of opinions and people. And there is some kind of accepting atmosphere in the discussion. From this experience, I believe we express our thoughts by means of language. I keenly felt what is most extremely important is not saying the correct answer but developing the ability of self-expression. I realized that expressing oneself in foreign language is necessary for me to broaden my world and views. I was able to realize that that is especially why I want to acquire the English skill. From now on, I’ll be true to myself and respect my opinions, and not requiring the correct answer too much.

After the program, I am full of what I want to do and learn. Things I want to learn more about the US other than race is the cultural difference between West coast of United States and East coast of United States. I’m sure that there are unique differences between them and I want to visit each of the states to actually feel and experience. Furthermore, I am now interested in contemporary American society and economy. Specifically, I want to learn how American society works by the aspect of the American economy, which is sustained by a number of big companies. I want to visit some big companies in America such as GOOGLE, Apple, and Amazon…etc. In the program, I have learned various American historical cultures so I am now curious about how American society evolved over a long period of time.

I attended English immersion school and educated in English for 9 years but I didn’t have opportunity to use my English in English speaking countries until this program. I had known America from the media and other resources but spending much time in the field, talking with native English speakers, and experiencing American culture in America touched my heart. I was paused to realize the importance of going and seeing things with one’s own eyes and having firsthand experience.

Lastly, I truly want to thank everyone who supported me during the program and provided me an invaluable opportunity as a leader of this CCC program. They are all warm hearted, gifted, friendly, and compassionate. I’m grateful for the encounter. I guess I took the first step toward my future by participating this program and meeting wonderful people. I sincerely think that it is my pleasure to be part of W&M Keio CCC program 2017. I am already missing everyone but looking forward to seeing again in the near future.



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