Journal Entry1

Journal 1

 In this program, I want to achieve three things.  First, I want to notice many differences between Japan and America as much as possible. Secondly, I want to know History about Virginia, Williamsburg and W&M. Thirdly, I want to improve my English writing skills, dialogue skills and presentation skills.

 When I got to W&M, I thought that the university’s grounds are vast and they are like one town. I thought it would be sufficient to live without going to another city or town. Also, I thought the dorm is lovely.

 When I took the American culture lecture, I learned the history of Williamsburg and W&M. I’m surprised that W&M was founded before Williamsburg city was founded. I thought it is interesting that once Williamsburg became capital, but by times the situation has changed. I heard that the reason of changing is that the capital was moved to Richmond, but I wonder why Thomas Jefferson changed the capital and why the population decreased. Especially, I’m impressed that the teacher said Williamsburg is un-American because it is obsessed with memorial things. And, I am also impressed that the road that teacher showed us is reconstructed and they represent good side like Independence history, and don’t represent bad history like civil war. Also, in the lecture I’m impressed that American is more mobile people than Japan because of the vast grounds of America. In addition, I’m surprised, when moving, they drive a lot for a long time to get the destination like two days or one week. Japanese drives one day at the very most.

  On Saturday, I went to Jamestown museum. It has so many interesting things. Outside, it has reconstruction of Pawhattan’s lives and Jamestown. I never knew Jamestown has such suffering history in 17th century. They couldn’t plant, had no food, no drinks, and mosquitos and flies are everywhere, and Native American got angry. They even killed and ate people like their relatives. It was interesting and fun memories to visit that museum.

On Sunday, I went to New Zion Baptist Church. The pastor said  achieving unity is important. I thought church plays an important role as a community which connect people, and make bonds through Gods. Aiso, I’m impressed that the church music is modern and jazzy.

In this three days, I could learn history of Virginia, Williamsburg, W&M.

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