Jounal 1

This program is my first time to go to abroad, so everything I have seen since August 4th is new and very interesting.  First three days were very exciting for me. However, native English was very difficult for me and I can’t understand it very much. So during this program, I’d like to be able to understand native English better. First lecture is also difficult for me and I can’t understand. I have some lectures left, so I hope I will be able to understand later lectures more. In order to do so, I’d like to talk a lot with P.A, and state my opinion positively in dialogue classes. However, the second lecture was very easy to understand and very interesting. I’m very surprised to know that the rate of nonaffiliated is increasing in America because I have thought almost all American people were Christian. Professor said that American people became nonaffiliated because they tried to avoid being considered as conservative. Catholic, or religion can mean conservative in America. Connecting religion with politics is very new way for me because many people don’t have specific religion and religion doesn’t have any connection with politics in Japan. People who have religion is considered as a little strange in Japan. However, at UU church, people naturally held hands and sang same songs in a united mood. That’s very strange and interesting for me. Going to church and the second lecture are good chance to learn the difference between America and Japanese.

American food and cloths is also very different with Japanese. They are much larger than Japanese one. Dog street hamburger which I ate during campus tour was most delicious and biggest hamburger in my life, and it was first time to get full with one hamburger. It was also first experience that small size cloth just fits me. Everything I see in America is very new but I’m having very good time.


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