Journal 1

I felt a vastness of America the moment the plane comes to a landing at America.
It is my first impression. I usually surrounded by tall and narrow buildings in Tokyo, so I’m impressed with big buildings. What was the most surprising to me is coin maker machine. It presses one cent coin and changes it to the commemorative medal. Pressing coins is banned in Japan, so I was surprised very much. Also I think American food taste goes to extremes. It is very delicious, but some food uses too much butter or sugar.
I would like to understand difference of culture and values between Japan and America by staying College of William and Mary.  Also I feel my listening skills are very low, so I’d like to improve my English listening skills. Every American is very kind but English is too fast for me to understand. I would like to try to talk to every staff and participant before I return to Japan though I am shy with new people.
Before I listen to the lecture, I don’t know how place is the Virginia and I can explain only the place of Virginia. Now I understand Virginia is historically very important place in America and College of Williams and Mary is very old college. I’m very glad to study English at College of Williams and Mary.
My experience at New Zion Baptist Church was very interesting. I graduate Catholic high school, so I have been to church ever. Every church was solemn and quiet, so I often feel sleepy when I say mess. Today’s worship was very casual and lively, so I was surprised very much.
Also I’m interested in how dose protestant infiltrate African-American. I don’t have knowledge about Protestant, so I would like to deepen the knowledge.

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