Journal 1

I went to an expedition at college of W&M campus as an activity on Friday. I felt history and nature. And I felt four differences of Japan and America.

First, college of W&M campus is bigger than Japanese universities. I saw Stanford campus and UCI campus few years ago. Their campus are very big too. Because country territory is different. American territory is the third in the world. In contrast, Japanese territory ranking sixty first. Accordingly, Japanese universities can’t build big campus. And Japanese universities don’t have dorm and house. So it doesn’t need space.

Second, I saw many statues such as Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler. They were build full length. I think Japanese statues are made only half-length. And Japanese famous universities have one or two statue. Because they make a few concerning persons statues. Contrary to this, college of W&M has many statues because of it concerned many famous persons, and American universities portray a history by statue.

Third, I’m surprised when I saw a bookstore at my first trip. College of W&M has big bookstore too. It has a lot of goods such as T-shirt and drink. Japanese bookstore only has books. I think buying somethings at a time is an American style, but Japanese prefers buying something at few times. Therefore, American shops have to stock many kind of goods like foods, medicines and toys. And Japanese shops can specialize goods.

Finally, college of W&M is flatter than Japanese universities. I think it was affected by configuration of the ground. Japan was lifted up by diastrophism. Thereby, Japan has many mountains. In consequence, Japan has much variance of elevation. Additionally, many volcanos are distributed in Japan because of diastrophism. Thus, volcanic ash makes much difference of elevation because of volcanic eruption. So Japanese universities have more slopes than American universities.

I learned to compare Japan and America in only one day. It is very good experiment for my life.

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