I am going to write about my feeling about the town and the subjects Dr. Arthur taught us.

I felt very sentimental when I arrive at Williamsburg because I had visited my uncle who was the business student at W&M five years ago. W&M is not changed from that time and this is a happy thing for me because in Japan some building structures easily broken and rebuilt. This is not a good custom of Japan and this is the biggest difference between Japan and USA I think. Of course in Japan we have so many earth quakes make this difference but Japanese people should think about these things. Protecting old buildings is not easy but some local government and country succeeded, for example Colonial Williamsburg was small but rebuild buildings not only to make and keep the historical town but also to call tourists and to develop the town. When Colonial Williamsburg was founded there is so big support by John Rockefeller because he would like to keep America strong. This can be apply to Japan, for instance the big company should spend more money to protect buildings and towns instead of any other marketings because it may be a good future investment for the company. I think Japan should refer to some American cases like Colonial Williamsburg.

In the lecture Dr. Arthur Knight talked about some interesting things, for example Pokemon Go, his career, his life, history and about W&M and Williamsburg. I feel the difference about the career and university system between Japan and USA while in the class. In Japan we have a few good universities outside of Tokyo but in USA there are so many good universities around the whole States. It is so unique and surprising thing for us. These were so exciting study for me from professor’s class and discussion so I would like to say thank you to professor.

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