I felt it’s difficult to communicate with Americans smoothly, because I’m not good at listening. I used to listen at Japanese English, of course because I learned English in Japan, so it’s much more difficult to understand English at here, than when we are in Japan. It’s a bit unexpected for me that, daily conversation is more difficult than the lecture (the first lecture in the frame work). The reason might be lecture is prepared for us, and was not required to response at once. On other hand, when we talk with Americans, we are required to understand and response it immediately. It’s a big challenge for me, also is a problem for our focus group work. About the first lecture, I think I understood almost 60~70 percent of it. It’s difficult to understand English in itself, I mean, many times I translated English into Japanese in my head, and it made me hard to keep up with the lecture. I will try to understand lectures without translating it. About the second lecture, I think I understood always all of it. It was easy to understand, because it enough slowly, and didn’t include so many difficult word. It was so interesting lecture for me. The impression Americans gave me is so active, and like talking. Though I had this image about Americans before I came to here, it’s the first time for me to actually experience. Also they are not as punctual as Japanese, schedule is always changed. I think it’s not bad but even funny, I felt they are full of flexibility. The impression about WandM is so big, and so beautiful. It was new for me to see such a campus. I had not visited campus like this in Japan. I like this campus because here rich in nature and have peaceful atmosphere. It was fun to walk and see around in this campus. About the church we go, I think it in so solemn atmosphere, I never experienced air like that before, so it was rare and good experience for me.

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