Three days have passed since I came to Williamsburg. In this journal, I would like to tell you about a few things which impressed me very much.


First, through the lecture, I was surprised at the fact that Williamsburg is a so small city but it has a lot of tourists. The population of Williamsburg is 15,000 people and that of Tokyo is 14 million people. When it comes to the population of university, William & Mary University has 8,500 students in comparison with 33,500 students in Keio University. This means inhabitants are not so many in this city. However, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, gift shops, and a huge museum. Actually, I did not know about the characteristics of Williamsburg before I came here, so I am happy to learn what a famous city Williamsburg is. And I like this city because people do not look so busy like Japan. I have many places to go and see.

Second, I was impressed with the history of Virginia. I went to the museum and see the recreated houses which people in Jamestown lived. There were not only white people but also black slaves or native Indians. White people were not used to living in the bad condition, but Jamestown was lack of food, drink, and it had a huge number of mosquitoes, flies, and diseases. As a result, nine-tenths of them had died after only a year. Also, slaves were forced to work hard and native Indians were expelled from the places which they had lived because white people occupied it. So many people died, and I think everyone so sad. Now we can make crops in Virginia and sell them at farmers market on Saturday. I learned this relatively comfortable environment is due to ancient people’s efforts. I would like not to regard our daily lives as a matter of course.

Third, I was moved by the friendliness of William & Mary students. They are so active and cheerful. If I did not make sense what they said, they tried to explain by using easier words. It is sometimes difficult but very rewarding to express my opinions in English. I am not good at listening and speaking English, but I want to continue to improve my communication skills in English.

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