From 8th to 10th on August, I studied Gender, American Indian, and Consumer Culture in the U.S.

In the Gender lecture, I learned the history of  the movement against women rights. I’m impressed that women in the U.S. were also trapped in the house. Most japanese women are  wives of men who rule the roost in Showa period.I thought it is similar between the old days in Japan and in the U.S. But, I wonder when temperance for women has started. In addition, I thought it interesting that WWⅡ unexpectedly motivated many women to work. I thought it was the begginng of the existence of career women.

In Native Americans lecture, I learned they are much different from our stereotype. I’m impressed by the picture that Native American man wears suit. It was sad that the indigenous people had to civilize and discard their tradition in order to survive. I thought it interesting that Native American has many names like Indian or Indigenous people. I’m also impressed that Indians are the poorest people    in the U.S. I thought what is most important in this lecture is that Native American’s identity is connected to the particular conserved places.

In American popular culture lecture,  I learned the conflict between poor uneducated people and rich elite people through popular culture. I’m surprised that in culture elites are minority. Also, I thought it interesting that elites fear majority who are uneducated people because they have nothing to lose.  I also learned detail differences between lower class and middle class through music like lower class people who lives in suburb likes punk, but middle class people who lives in town likes   heavy metal.

From these lectures, I learned the gender similarity between U.S. and Japan, the power of stereotype, tand conflict among various people.

Also, I had good times listening jazz and learning dances.

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