I am glad to be able to understand the lectures of gender and Native American. I can’t say I understand perfectly, but I understand better than past lecture. These lectures were very interesting for me because the problem which these lectures focused on was also controversial in Japan.

I felt that America is more advanced of feminism than Japan. Now in America, Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the president. In Japan, the first female governor of Tokyo was elected in 2016, but the election of the first female president will be a bit far into the future. Regarding companies’ boards of directors, there are also more women in America than in Japan. So women have more chances politically and economically in America than in Japan. The professor said that WW2 caused the feminism movement in America. However, in Japan, women’s liberation was achieved very recently. I think it was because America was a winner of the war, and Japan was a loser and didn’t have room to deal with women’s liberation. I think that’s one reason why Japan is a backward country about feminism.

Japan also has problem corresponding to America’s problem of Native American. In Hokkaido, Ainu originally lived, but Japanese government intruded and robbed of Hokkaido. Ainu had their unique language or culture, but a lot of them were killed and assimilated into Japanese people. Their unique language and culture were lost. I think that’s not good because I think that every culture is valuable. In order to live in the same country, assimilation is of course very important. However, I think we should respect their own culture. Native American or Ainu should transmit their own language and culture to posterity while they learn new language and culture. Japanese tends to ignore minority such as Ainu because Japan is a homogeneous country. Through this lecture, now I think we should more focus on problem of women and minority.

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