Jounal 2

I had the image that America was free and equal about gender. I understood American women fight against segregation in the lecture. I thought gender problem is one of the most difficult problem all over the world because what is gender free is different from many people. The word “gender free” is difficult to define. We can solve the problem when we have inclusion of diversity. I questioned the teacher about why the number of women STEM workers are not so high. She answered that women are good at literature. I thought that the reason of this is that some women assume they are poor at science. As far as I know, women aren’t inferior to men. My friends (they are women) study very hard and have a logical thinking ability. I think the labor environment of Japanese women is harder than that of the American environment. For example Japanese women are often made to take a lower position after they take child leave. The reason why the labor environment of Japanese women is hard is that the number of nurseries is insufficient. I would like to work and build my career after I take child leave. (I don’t know if I could get married).

I was also lectured about Indian history. I don’t have the knowledge of Indian history absolutely, so it was a little difficult. I’d like to watch movies about Indians after I return to Tokyo.


I watched a baseball game. It was a very exciting game because both teams got the same points in the middle of the game. The teams are not so big, but many people cheer the team well so I felt a sense of unity.


I ate lots of foods in America. The difference from restaurants in Japan is that they don’t use white porcelain. I think restaurants except fast food restaurants shouldn’t use disposable trays. Many hotels in Japan don’t use disposable containers because it gives a bad image to the customers. Japanese don’t get used to disposable containers. It is allowed in cheap fast food. I think American food is very delicious so I eat too much. In addition to this, light food isn’t served so much in America so I will be fat if I’m not careful.




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