Journal 2

In this journal, I want to write about native americans, which I did not know anything before.

Before the lecture about American Indian, I talked with a coupe of PAs about how much I had been looking forward to it. I thought it was about immigrants from India. However, gradually, I was quite sure something was different. When I found it, I thought it was confusing. I think we should stop calling the American native people American Indians. It leads misunderstanding like me.

What I was surprising the most about them is the native americans have many tribes. I was thinking they all came from the same group mostly because of stereotypes for them. In their stereotypes, they wear leather clothes which don’t cover as much as whites wear, have feather, hunt buffalo and such. In my dialogue class, someone asked the speaker about the stereotype, but I still have a question about it. That is, why stereotypes were based on the reality of the tribes in central America.

The Ainu people is the most famous native people in Japan. However, I do not know much about them because I did not learn so much about them. When I talked Julia, my roommate here, about the topic in my room after the lecture, she knows so much about them. From what she said, it is common in America to learn about them at school, which is surprising to me. She said it was happening because America’s history was shorter. I think another reason is that the United States has much more immigrants from all over the world. So they try to use its history as something helps them being an American. Whatever reason behind it, learning its original people is important. It keeps remembering there’s native people in where we live. We have to spend more time studying about its original peoples in my opinion.

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