Journal 2

I’m studying about job hunting on focus group. It involves various issues and social norms such as gender and “small talk”.

I learned about sexual discrimination at lecture on 8/8. I couldn’t understand all of it, but I reconfirmed about it on dialogue class. I had learnt World War 2 effecting women’s dissatisfactions. I think it makes difference of women and men’s social status.

In Japanese job hunting, companies (interviewer) ask about career with formal talk. Furthermore, Japanese companies have difference of social status still now. It is harassment such as power harassment and sexual harassment. Therefore, Japanese government made many rights for woman, but that makes other issue. For example, Japanese women are claiming harassment, even if it is not harassment. That problem affect man’s life. Men always fear about women because of harassment. Additionally, women claim other affair. For instance, Japan has many false accusations of sexual  harassment. Because women claim sexual harassment for money or a caprice. Additionally, Japanese conviction rate is over 99% in sexual harassment. Thus, false accusations are happening frequently. In contrast, companies (interviewer) ask about career and hobbies with “small talk” in American job hunting.

“Small talk” like “How are you?”, “How was the weather?”. It is elevator talk. And gender equality has not been achieved in America. In World War 2, American women were working with blue shirts at factory, but they lost the job in the end of World War 2. Because men came back to their countries, and they worked at factories by kicking out women. It leads to sexual discrimination. “Small talk” makes great connection, and it can kill the time. Because they had many races, American people think “small talk” (talking something) is the way to show someone “I’m not foe”, but if it is used in Japan, Japanese thinks it is strange. This is different culture between Japan and America. Japanese can’t use “small talk”. So people’s first impression on Japanese is shy, but they are not shy. They just don’t know “small talk” culture, because Japanese don’t have many races. Therefore, we don’t have to be afraid of each other, but American were mixed by many races. So they have to interact with each other with “small talk”.

These things became distinct in focus group discussion and lecture on 8/8.

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