Journal 2

From the two lectures I feel that there are so many discriminations in the US, for example about gender, about Native Americans and about religion. On the other hand W&M’s change about the mascot was so good thing and all sport team in the US should follow this. In my opinion government of United States should apologize definitely and should pay large amount of money. 

About Native people, Japan had a same problem as America had which was Native people’s problem. Japanese government changed their studying and live for make them  to be ordinary Japanese people. So in 20th century Japanese government officially apologized and paid a lot of money to victims. The difference was made by the thoughts of people I think. Japanese felt sorry to Ainu people but in my opinion American don’t feel sorry to Native Americans. So I know that it is so difficult but United States should copy Japan. I think it bring change about the discrimination. After changing this bad culture America have to make anything for not forgetting them. When I went to Canada I could visit memorial park for Indians in Canada and while I was high school student I could visit park for native Japanese. These parks gave me good information about them and that made me to think about native peoples and to respect them. So I think that will bring good influence to Americans.

About women, Japan had a bad custom about women for instance women should be a house keeper and women can’t be a good worker it’s same as America I think. I think that Japan should change this custom and give a chance because women may have a good ability. There are so way to change this custom for example making new daycare because there are so many waiting people for daycare. Also in the US they should give that. About these thing the differences are which many Japanese women had a good studying at university but they usually don’t choose a comprehensive work and they choose a regular service employees. I think American women can’t choose job which they want to get because they don’t have the option.Why they can’t choose job is hard to enter university or any other high educated school because of money and opportunity. So there is so deep difference between Japan and America. Of corse I think Japanese government should change the situation but also Japanese women should change the thoughts of getting job.

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