Journal 2

At the first, I’ll write about the lectures. I like the lecture about religion. The professor’s English is easy to understand for me (I don’t know why, may be because it was slow enough), and the fact of the number of unaffiliated Christian is increasing and others, especially catholic, are decreasing was interested me. I don’t know there are so many kinds of Christian before, and the idea that what happen in religion can show us what happen in America is also new for me. I think the lecture show us, American are being richer in and more tolerant to diversity (that’s why so many people are leaving from catholic which is strict one). The lecture about the gender show us the struggle of woman. For us, man, it have few chances to know about what woman think, and how they feel, may be especially about society. So it was good experience to know about it, think about it. And in more big aspect, we could think about what is true fair, equality. The lecture about popular culture was too difficult to get a big conclusion, but the answer of my question impressed me. He said it was important to understand culture to get a way of thinking about what is good thing. I think it is important for us, scientists.

Second, about the baseball game, it was interesting. It was exciting game till fourth inning because we had tie score. It was unfortunate for me that we couldn’t watch the whole game and the home team lost. Anyway, it was funny to see people scared by fouls, make a wave, and catch a hotdog.

Third, about the dance party (not a jazz party) we had. It was really interesting and funny. I tried dancing so much almost for the first time. Though it made me so tired, it was great experience for me. And also we can learn and experience the American culture, even when we are playing dance, like what pop music do they have.

It was funny and interesting days like the former days. I hope I can make the best use of remain days.

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