Journal 2

  A week has pasted after I had come to the US. I feel some differences between our countries, America and Japan, in the lectures and in my everyday life in Williamsburg. It’s very good for me to feel these differences and think about that  here. That’s because we can study the Japan-US comparison also in Japan, but I think to study it HERE and feel what is different from Japan will be very important for me.
  In the past 3 days, I’ve noticed 2 important points to compare Japan and America from my activities here.
  First, about the Jazz dance. We don’t dance usually in Japan, so we are not used to it. We became a little bit shy, because we don’t have that kind of culture. People in America are so open-minded, and that will help you to communicate easily with the people who we don’t know much about it. Also it might be because the education in the US tells Americans to be friendly. In Japan, we usually learn that we, especially girls, have to calm down and be quiet. It seems like dancing is just an amusement for young people, but I found actually the culture (education, custom and culture etc…) of our own country influences us in this way.
   Second, about the politics. In the US, especially this year, people are getting crazy about politics. However, in Japan, it is said that most of the young people are not interested in politics. When I was a high school student, I was working for the student organization which was trying to get the voting age to be lowered to 18 years old, and we finally got it this year. Although my major is not politics, I have a strong interest for it. The reason why Japanese young people are not interested in politics is not clear because we have several reasons. However, our organization is trying to make young people more interested in politics by changing the method of education in the way which makes people more active.(for example, we made a chance to discuss politics for high school students) To notice how the education is working on them is very difficult because we cannot see it, but we should keep going to make more chances to get teenagers closer to politics.
   And last, we are working really hard for our focus group these days, and it’s getting better day by day. What I learned from the progress is that to research about the Japan-US comparison is not only for our studies but also for our future. Globalization is on the trend nowadays and the distance between people around the world is getting closer. We have to know and understand each other in our future. This study will definitely help us to understand each other and make a peaceful world someday.

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