In this journal, I would like to talk about a few things which impressed me very much for three days.


First, I learned that the prejudice about women still exist these days. Two waves of feminism come and women got rights of vote in 1920, which means that the women’s rights of vote were adopted legally. However, when it comes to the cases in choosing jobs, we can see some bias. For example, we often had images that a nurse or cabin attendant is a job for a woman. In fact, the number of female nurses and cabin attendant is more than that of male ones. I think Japan has the same situation as America. It is not fair, so we should keep facing and considering the feminism problems.

Second, I knew American Native Indians have discriminated for a long time. I asked a question that there were any Indian officers or politicians now. The answer was few Indian officers and politicians were, because Indians were not given enough high-level education. Although the racial discrimination was stopped after World War Ⅱ, the differences between the rich and the poor remained. Native Americans are often engaged in low wage jobs and they have little money. As a result, they cannot live comfortable lives, make their children receive higher education, and the children cannot also improve the quality of lives. I think it is vicious circle and we should look at related laws and custom. The differences between the rich and the poor in Japan are relatively little and Japan has almost only one race, so we cannot usually notice importance of this problem. I think this lecture was good opportunity to know the problems.

Third, I was so moved by the food in Buffalo Wild Wings. It was so good and so spicy. Buffalo’s wings are not so common in Japan, so I ate them for the first time on the day. I want to eat them again someday.

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