Name:Taiji Sato

I have learned the topic “gender, American Indian cultures, U.S. consumer culture” so far. These topics are so interesting for me. Because these topics mainly composed the real American culture. I can know the true nature of American society. In the “gender” lecture, I learned the process of changing women’s role in society. In the 1800s relegated to the home, private sphere believed to be naturally. In the pre-modern period, women sturuggled to balance their careers. And I looked how these movements happened and the outcomes of them. Gender equality has not been achieved yet. The women’s role of WW2 is making weapons for army which is all composed of males. Then women became just homemakers. This is important changes in the history of relationships between man and woman. In the “American Indian cultures” lecture, I learned the stereotypes and the real American Indian is very different. American Indians are diverse. They became U.S. citizens including right to vote. And I asked the professor how the movement of preservation of American Indian’s culture happened. The answer to this question is that this is complicated. Because this movement is strongly connected to the government policy. In the “U.S. consumer culture” lecture, I learned what is popular in the U.S. There are wide definitions about popular. To learn popular culture is so important because the chief of the company could reflect the people’s need. Also it is important for the scientists. They make the product, and always should check the consumer’s response. To prevent the violence of science, I think popular culture will help us so as not to violate the earth. In the baseball game I had a good time. But the game was prolomged. Then home team was defeated. So I was so disappointed. And the food I had at the stadium was so good such as hamburgers and macaroni.

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