I learned  “race in America” and “Williamsburg during the American Revolution”. In the lecture”race in America”, I learned how the black people were treated in history. Stereotypes for the black people is very different from its reality. Once its stereotypes was spread out, it is difficult to cast aside its stereotypes from the people. So I think we should be more careful to the stereotypes. Because it is often different. Then I went to Hampton University, and I saw a lot of relics made by African-American. These relics show how African-American think about the things. Because these relics include the intention of African-American. In the lecture “Williamsburg during the American Revolution”, I learned how this place have been changed from the American Revolution. And I went to colonial Williamsburg. I knew the real atmosphere in the American Revolution. But I know a little bit about the atmosphere in the American Revolution, because I have watched the movie whose theme is the American Revolution in Japan. People there were costumed of the era of revolutionary, and some people ride on horse. And the buildings are very beautiful. Next I ate very delicious food such as crab sandwich. And surprisingly I was cerebrated because I became 20 years old!! Thank everyone for cerebrating me. I can drink alcohol in Japan. So I am happy!! The chocolate cake is so sweet and very delicious!! I went to Williamsburg outlet shopping. And I bought beautiful hat and sunglasses and bag. In the presentations, I introduced many festivals in Japan or America. And my focus group was asked many questions. It is very hard presentation. But I did my best. Other’s focus group presentations is interesting to me. Small talk is the most laughing presentations, because their focus group performed short movie which is very funny. After presentations and dinner, I enjoyed special program. I swam in the pool. This is very good time for me!!

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