Presentation of Focus group was very hard. I researched and prepared a lot, but I was very nervous. Now I finish presentation and feel relaxed. I would like to enjoy last days at Washington D.C. Our focus group talked about the difference of Japanese TV commercial of cellphone and American TV commercial. I think our topic was very interesting one because through studying about this topic, I learned about some aspects of American culture and Japanese culture. We read a lot of books and articles, and found that American people have the tendency of individualism, and Japanese people have the tendency of collectivism. Mr. Okayama said that this conclusion was stereotyped and students should not reach this conclusion easily. However, in fact, we reached this conclusion as a result of a lot of work. So this conclusion can be truth, not stereotype.  

I came to America and saw a lot of people. I felt that American people like to talking.  P.A talked me a lot while driving or eating. A lot of Japanese people don’t talk as much as American people. That’s the strongest impression since I came to America. And P.A, especially Ryan, like to talk about love story. They not only talked about their love story, but also asked us about our love story. Japanese people rarely do that, because private question is considered rude in japan. I felt the difference of Japanese and American a lot, but I haven’t felt that American society is individualism and Japanese society is collectivism.  On the other hand, when I watched TV in America, I felt actually the difference of Japanese TV commercials and American TV commercials. American TV commercials were really longer than Japanese ones, and American TV commercials were focusing more on product or service itself than on actors. I was glad to confirm the result of our study.

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