Journal 3

 The Focus Group presentation has finished, and also this program is going to finish. I can’t believe that fact, and I will definitely miss all of the members here.

  In Williamsburg, we were studying by listening to different kinds of lectures. However, here in Washington D.C., we can study by going to several historical places, and feel the American culture by walking around. Now is the time to feel the importance of  “STUDYING  HERE”, which I always say in the journals.

 In my focus group, we searched about “the difference between Festivals in America and Japan.” Searching about this topic was not so easy because to say them in the general way is very difficult, but I learned a lot by working on the focus group work. First, I was thinking the meaning of doing the work is to know the American culture. However, I noticed trying to know American culture also means to know Japanese culture more deeply.  This chance made me more interested in my own culture.

  Cultures are great. It represents the nationality of its country. It represents the country itself. However, on the other hand, globalization is developing rapidly, and  the cultures of each country are going to disappear. In that situation, why do we have to study about the culture? What’s the meaning of researching the past? I think the answer for these questions is to get an identity of ourselves. Identities like races, nationalities and religions sometimes could be obstacles in our lives, but also they help me to express who I am. Therefore we have to continue studying cultures in our future too.

   And last, I want to appreciate you telling me about the meteor shower! I enjoyed to look at it with my friends and it will be one of my best memories in this program! I wish our last time with the orange group will be a great time!

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