Journal 3

First, I’ll write about lecture. About the lecture of race in American, we mainly learned about African American. I was surprised at the fact of 75% of American are white. I thought American are much more diverse in race, maybe like half of American are not white in my image. Then I know American except for white are still so minority. Related to it, we visited a museum in Hampton University. I was interested in the art of Native American and African. I think their sense of art is much different to the Asians’ or whites’. About the lecture of Williamsburg during the American evolution, we learned the history of Williamsburg. Then I knew why Williamsburg is so unique in American history. After the lecture, we went to the colonial Williamsburg. It was so hot, and I’m afraid to say, I have few impression about the colony except for hot and tired. But I think it was good to see American old landscape, it helped me familiar with American history.

Second, I’ll write about our presentation. At first, our percentage of completion was not as high as other group, I think. Especially for me, I was responsible for the last part of the presentation, conclusion, I had to wait for other people complete their work and I afraid about I couldn’t finish the work on time. But thanks to other people of my group helped me, we completed the presentation on the dot and (at least I think) we did well in our presentation. Though it was hard work at that time, looking back at it now, it was interesting and good experience for me. About other group’s presentation, I thought we found so many differences between America and japan, and almost all of them were very persuasive. The finish of the presentation was deeply emotive for me, because we had prepared for it for so long time.

I stop writing now because I get soaked through in the rain.

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