Journal 3

I would like to talk about what was most impressing. There were a few things.

First, I was impressed by Hampton University which showed us the Black’s histories by paintings, photographs, clothes, and so on. I like Betye Saar, Samella Sanders Lewis Waterboy, John Biggers, Akili Ron Anderson’s paintings. Especially, I like Akili Ron Anderson’s. Most of the works in Hampton University are paintings, but Akili Ron Anderson’s adapted various way to express such as sculptures, wires, clothes. King’s seven self-portraits whose colors are different from each other reminded us of civil rights movement. I was surprised at the number of the works. In Japan, most of the citizens are only Japanese, so the museums which show us the minorities’ histories are not so many. If such museums exist, there will not be as many works as the U.S. As far as I know, I have never been to such places. Therefore, I learned a lot.

Second, I listened to a lot of presentations on last Sunday. The focus group eight, whose topic was fast food, told us the differences of fast food between Japan and the U.S. I used to eat McDonalds’ products in my childhood, I thought of Otsukimi Burgers as common in the world. But considering the name of the products, Otsukimi Burgers are localized food. If the names are the same, the taste of the products in the U.S. will be different from that of Japan. I am proud of living in Japan, because I like localized food. I can enjoy the seasonal menus in Japan. Around us, there are a lot of localized food which is not often noticed. Maybe, I think not only McDonalds’ but also Starbucks has localized menus. In Williamsburg, we found a lot of fast food shop, like SUBWAY. We have only four days left, but when I go out for a walk, I would like to find more localized menus in the U.S.

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