Journal 3

In this journal, I will write about Museum at Hampton University and focus group presentation.

At first, as I like any kind of arts, I enjoyed Museum at Hampton University so mush. Even though I like paintings, I never knew about black American artists. What was interesting was that all people in pictures were black people although it was painted by a morden-day painter. I guess that’s because black people were living together. So,black artists have never had an experience of seeing other people such as white people, asian people.

Secondly, what was surprised the most by presentation of other groups was more American people concern about calories than the Japanese people do. I thought it was completely opposite because a lot of my Japanese friends care about what to eat while I imagined American people have something fried or with more cheese, which I guess contains more calories. When I knew the fact yesterday, I tried to figure out why more American people, 30% of them, have still obesities.There are my two answers for that question. First one is that healthy food does not mean that it has less calories. When I went to Which Wich Sandwich two days ago, there is a menu called lettuce wich that is a sandwich wrapped by leaves of lettuce instead of bread. Although there’s a healthy mark on a variety of lettuce wiches, I think they still have a lot of calories in it. What I had there was hummus lettuce wich with American cheese,some vegetables and BBQ source. It was huge and so stuffed. That’s why I thought it was high calories. Second one is American people do pay attention to calories, but some of them may not actually choose healthier and low-calory items. That might be because as they get used to high-calory food, they cannot like healthier ones any more.

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