Journal 3

I was interested in Yellow Peril lecture on 8/11. It means Japanese sometimes supports African American people. American regards Japanese as dangerous, and American discriminates Japanese. Because American thought Japanese stole jobs because of Japanese wages were low. Therefore, Japanese can understand African American people, because they were discriminated by American too.

I can’t feel that discrimination, because I was not born in that age. And I’m not Japanese American. I’m just Japanese. So I don’t feel bad when American says “jap”.

I think discrimination is caused by World War 2. It has two reasons.

First, American has dissatisfaction toward Japanese. In addition to this, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. That attacking and dissatisfaction began the discrimination. In many theories, America didn’t know Japan had declared the war. By contrast, someone says actually America knew it. Because there weren’t weapons in Pearl Harbor. In either case, attack on Pearl Harbor led to revenge, and one of the revenge is to make nuclear weapons. Similarly, the nuclear weapon also led to many revenges and people who have a grudge. Moreover, it makes war. Japanese got discrimination from these American revengers.

Second, Japan lost in the World War 2. I think it is a foolhardy fight, but Japanese gained momentum at that time by winning the Russo-Japanese War, and Japan advanced into Manchuria. Its existence made the war between Japan and America more likely to happen, because it is troublesome for America. As a result, Japan lost the World War 2, and became colony of America. In consequence, America got to discriminate Japanese.

Discrimination is a big problem in all ages. For example, “Black lives matter” is the one of the biggest problem between African American and America recently. Discrimination problems happen in Japan too. Ainu lived in Hokkaido. Japan got Yezo (northern part of Meiji-era Japan), and Japan took in Ainu forcibly. So Ainu lived as Japanese, but they are not as intelligent as Japanese. Therefore, they were bullied by Japanese. Today, Ainu almost disappeared in Japan. Consequently, Ainu culture is going to disappear, and Japan started to protect Ainu culture. Discrimination can kill not only people but culture. We have to reconsider about discrimination. And we must not repeat discrimination again.

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