As a focus group, we talked about the difference about cellphone advertisement between Japan and America. While making our slides I felt so deep differences between us and the PA for example when talking about Japan and America we are taught as saying we should say another before and us after in Japan but PA said that we never mind! So in Japanese we say America and Japan. Let’s write Japan before. This is so surprising thing for me.


Second difference I felt was while in the colonial Williamsburg with discussion group. In that park some old fashioned people were walking and working like worker who worked in revolution. In Japanese ordinary historical park also have the actors who act like old people but they never work and make anything. Because Japanese tend to give experiences not the shows. They can’t be satisfied with just looking. So they hope to touch anything in the park. It is so big difference between Japan and America. Both American and Japanese traveling companies should think about foreigner’s habit.


Third difference was about pool. I really surprised at pool in the hotel. Unfortunately I realized about there were no lifeguards in that pool. I don’t know about the ordinary situation in America but in Japan all of pools have to hire lifeguards because if accidents happen they have to take on responsibility so they try not to happen. Then why they don’t have lifeguards. I think the reason depends on their laws and culture. Because they have the law that say parents should completely take care of kids. So they can’t do anything without taking care of their children. This is the reason of no lifeguards. In America pool manager don’t have to care about children because of that law. But in japan some parents can’t take care of children completely and sometimes lose where are they so pool manger has to hire lifeguards.


In the lecture of race I surprised at after Mr. Obama take office as President there still be discrimination. And I couldn’t understand about race discrimination but I felt so sad about race discrimination. This is one of the biggest differences between Japan and America. In Japan we don’t have races and also we don’t have race discriminations but in the future we might have immigrations from other countries. If ever we will have immigration, we should make efforts not to have discrimination. I hope we can live with foreigner.

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