My group’s presentation is about job hunting. I was in haste at that time, but I’m glad and relieved now because we made it thanks for Xinyi.

I was in charge of time period to hunt jobs and job types in bank of both countries. It was interesting that through research, job time period is related to Japanese company’s structure like seniority oriented pay system, lifetime employment, and compulsory retirment system. Especially, seniority oriented pay system is much related to Japanese traditional spirit which is royality and respect to senior people. Through this presentation, I found the Japanese peculiar spirit. I thought compared to the U.S., Japan has more bonds among people in japanese companies like the feudal system in feudal times. the system like lifetime employment is a guarantee in some good sense, but it is fetter sometimes in some bad sense because one can’t act as he or she wishs.

I learned two things from this presentation. First, I learned that group work is mainly insisting and compromising. I thought that it is important to speak no matter how trivial  the thing is. Also, when people has conflicts, it is important  not to give up but to find the new way to compromise each other. Second, I learned that thinking by myself and having my own opinion through reseach is most important.

In the Race lecture, I learned White Supremacy. I was surprised that the soap advertisement which used black humor wasn’t regulated.

I’m impressed that White Spremacy is related to the job employment as it was said in today’s dialogue class. In Japan, concerning job hunting of minority, female is partially still discriminated in terms of promotion and salary increace, etc. Actually, there is still clerical jobs for women which is similar to the women in the ”MAD MEN”. On job hunting,  I thought Japanese newgraduates is suffering from how to stand out from other newgraduates. And I thought it is opposite to America.

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