My focus group prepared for presentation about localization of fast food. I didn’t get used to presentation, so it was so difficult. We were running behind schedule and so nervous.
But we managed to do the presentation because we worked very hard and communicated a lot.
I learned how to use power point and how to present.
Some people memorized their script completely and use gesture. I would like to do better next time like them.
I also felt the poorness of my English skill when I practice my presentation. I would like to improve my English skill after I return to Tokyo.
I also thought that it is difficult to come to a conclusion from vague theme.

The presentation of focus group 1 was about Denny′s. They surveyed about American and Japanese health for themselves, so I thought they worked hard.
Also, I was interested in an advertisement. I thought the advertisement used nameless actors doesn’t work not so much because famous actors are used in Japan.
So I was surprised when I heard
nameless actors are used in America. Maybe American advertisement companies work harder than Japanese companies because they don’t rely on famous of actors. I think Japanese advertisement company, Dentsu has too much influence on the Japanese media. Japanese media never report about Dentsu, but I think Dentsu often involve something bad, because I see the information about
on the Internet.

At the Hampton university, we looked at many pictures. I haven’t looked at pictures painted by African-American so I was very impressed. I felt energy
from every pictures. My favorite picture is “September”. It is a landscape picture and it was beautiful.
At Colonial Williamsburg, I saw the old buildings. Every facility staff′
s English was difficult to make sense for me. Maybe their English was an old accent. The palace was very gorgeous and big, so I was surprised.

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