Journal 4

 In this journal, I will write about my impression about D.C. and my visit to Library of Congress.

 Before the lecture at the Woodland hotel in Williamsburg, I did not know anything but the fact that it is a capital of the United States. So, when I heard how it was built, I thought I should have studied American history before this program again. To be honest, at that time, I was not excited so much because I felt it was a unclassical, human-made city.  However, that was completely different. D.C. has so many classical buildings, especially Greek style. What I think interesting was there are a lot of classical private buildings, which means there is no relationship between the Government. I thought that is why D.C. keeps its townscape.

 In Tokyo, I can find classical buildings. But most of them are government agencies. For example, the National Diet Building, Akasaka Palace and the Bank of Japan. In other words, most of private-owned buildings are not as beautiful as the government-owned ones. Therefore, unfortunately these antique buildings do not match to the townscape although they themselves are so impressive.

 Secondly, I went to the Library of Congress with Kayoko and Eri on 16th. Even though It was totally different from What I had expected, it was just awesome. What I was moved the most was a series of 8 paintings called the Conquer of Spain. There are many pictures based on historical facts or famous myths all over the world. However, it was the first time for me to see that kind of art. I felt as if I had been in that place. Besides, there are many books given by Thomas Jefferson. I found some title which I can recognise among many others. It was so fun to see around the shelves and find what I had heard the name. I guess one reason for him to get such a large number of books is that he was rich. Another reason is that he could read English. Even his time, English was important language because of British Empire. So many books were translated into it. As I am also a bookworm, I want to improve my English skill so that I can read many book in the world.

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