Journal 4

In Washington DC, I went to see several museums, such as Holocaust memorial museum, Air and Space museum, American history museum, and so on. They gave me opportunities to think again of wars. Especially, I was so impressed by Holocaust memorial museum.


Holocaust memorial museum exhibited the German history of World War Ⅱ. I had a little time left, so I did not see exhibition on third and fourth floor where showed things people used at that time. I found Daniel’s house on the first floor. It told us about how he escaped dying although he was Jewish. Before World War Ⅱ, he had lived in so big house. He had a lot of clothes, toys and food. The room looked colorful. Sometimes, we could hear his cheerful voice. Daniel’s house was filled with happiness.

However, suddenly all the things around him changed. His family moved to small and dark house. The bed was dirty. Then, he and his father were sent to camp. His mother and sister were separated. He never saw his mother and sister again. At the camp, they throw away their belongings and were forced to cut their hair. He lost all the things he loved.

When I went to see museum about atomic bomb on sixth August in 1945 in Hiroshima, I felt similar feelings as when I saw Holocaust memorial museum. Hiroshima looked like the hell. Fires were burning endlessly. Although the skin was melting, people tried to walk. Dogs left by keepers cried out. Many innocent children and women lost their lives.

Although World War Ⅱ was over, the hurt remains in people’s hearts. Once we lose someone’s life, we cannot restore it. I think wars not only deprive us of a huge number of lives, but also give suffering to the people who are still alive. If the people belong to different countries, they may have different opinions about World War Ⅱ. But I hope people all over the world know what the World War Ⅱ gave us.

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