I learned about Washington D.C. in the aspect of African American Self-Determination, Identity, and Education. Then I went to Library of congress and Supreme Court. These buildings are very beautiful and really good! Most exciting for me is the night walk. We departed for National Mall and night time tour of memorials. In tour of memorials, we saw Lincoln statue and Martin Luther King. Washington monument is very high! We took pictures. Next day, I went to Pentagon city and White House by subway. Pentagon is very beautiful but I could not enter the Pentagon because it needs reservation. I was disappointed. White House was also beautiful but it has strong security. So White House view is much far from me. Next day, I went to Smithonian museum and American Indian museum with members of discussion group. This is very fun. In the Smithonian museum, we saw a lot of planes such as a combat plane. I was so excited because I am interested in history of WW2. My discussion group member Humiya was also excited. He is mania of planes. I bought space blanket there. Probably I will give it to my friends. Then I went to American Indian museum which Barry strongly recommended. I saw a lot of exhibition of American Indian, and I learned how they lived. There I had Indian lunch. This was very delicious but Fumiya said “it is very raw!” So I ate his lunch. In Washington D.C., dinner was good. First day, I had oyster food and it was very delicious but a little bit expensive for me. Second day I had Ethiopian food which is also recommended by Barry. Very spicy! The last day in Washington, I was excited for farewell party. Talent show was very funny. Finally, I was sad because I must leave here and say “bye” I want to come to the US soon!


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