Journal 4


I visited Washington National Cathedral. It was bigger than I expected, so I was so impressed. The architecture stand out against the blue and sunny sky. We explored the inside of the Cathedral. The inside of the Cathedral was not so crowded and was quiet. I felt the vastness of the Cathedral and every stained glasses were beautiful. Each details of them are different. My favorite window is the SPACE WINDOW. It commemorates the Apollo 11 mission to the moon and holds a piece of moon rock brought back by its crew.

I haven’t seen such a big Cathedral, so I was very glad to visit there. The most impressing thing I felt was every design of chairs, sculptures and windows was so elaborate. I felt the strength of America because it cost so much.

I think the Washington National Cathedral is worth visiting even though it costs so much.

I also visited White House and it was gorgeous. Tight security was in force around White House. I had to become more distant because polices requested to do. They are a little scary. On the way I returned to the hotel, I was caught in the rain. There was a sunder storm and I got soaking wet. It was a crazy experience. I thought the color of the famous American architectures are often white and its style is Greeks. Each of them are gorgeous but I gradually got tired of them because they are same styles. Also they reflect the ultra violet well so sun glasses were needed well.


I also visited U Street Corridor. U Street Corridor is a commercial district in Washington D.C. with many shops. There were many African American people, and it was an interesting experience.


I enjoyed sightseeing and learned the American culture through the free day.



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