journal 4

When I left Williamsburg, I can find the difference of the look between of Williamsburg and  Washington. In Williamsburg, there are many big houses and many trees. However, in Washington, there are many high buildings and few trees. In Japan, I can find the differences between in big city and local city. So, this is the similarities. The look of Washington is very similar to that of Ginza in Japan. There are many famous shops and historical buildings in Washington. However, I can find the differences between two countries. In Japan, many shops close at ten. On the other hand, in Washington, many shops close at eight. Why do many shops in Washington close earlier than those in Japan? In my opinion, American think family the most important. In Japan, shop clerks have to think customers the most important, so shops should open late. However, in United States, shop clerks think their own family the most important. Therefore, shops close early. This is associated with the difference between of attitude of clerk. I think Japanese company should value not only customer but also their own lives.

After I arrived at Washington, we went to The White House. Official Residence of Japan is smaller than the White House in United States. I think that buildings of American are bigger that those of Japan. When we came back to hotel, heavy rain came down and thunder rolled. I have never met with such a heavy rain and thunder, so I was very surprised. However, it is unforgettable memories. Next, we went to Library of Congress and Smithsonian museums. Our group went to Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum. I have not visited many museums. Although this museum is so big and we can learn many things, there is no charge for admission. I want to visit many museums in Japan.

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