Journal 4

In the first place, I thank CI, PA and other staffs for everything your help. I enjoyed this program because of your help. In this journal, I will write about differences of a museum between America and Japan which are based on my experience of going to museums of both countries. I went to “Air and Space Museum”, “Natural History Museum” and “American History Museum” This was my first time to visit museums in America, so I was surprised and enjoyed them. I found some differences of museums between America and Japan.

Firstly, the size of American museums is bigger than Japanese one. I have never seen such a big museum. However, I felt the number of objects which was displayed was nearly equal compared to Japan. In short, American museums have a lot of plenty of space, so we could see roomy objects which are displayed. Secondly, we could watch the objects which are displayed without the order which museums decide in American museum. In contrast to America, a Japanese museum usually have order to watch the objects. This is because Japanese museums do not have enough space that above fact shows. In a word, Japanese museums have order to prevent a jam which is caused that people come together in a popular object. Finally, we could enter the museums without paying money. In contrast to America, in Japan we have to pay about 15 dollars to enter a museum. In checking in the website, there is difference of quantity of fund. I saw a donation box in all American museums. However, I have never seen it in Japanese museum. I think that is main reason why Japanese museums are not free. Until I visit American museum, I think there is only difference about a size. However, there are any differences. PAs said they have been to museums in D.C. In contrast, I think the great majority of Japanese have been to museum in their region. I think above three differences are caused of difference of their sense of values of museums.

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