Journal 4

Finally, we left Williamsburg and came to Washington D.C. Unlike Williamsburg, Washington D.C. is urban. There are many buildings, people, and cars. A townscape is similar to Tokyo. However, characteristics of each city are different. I felt that Washington D.C. was made as the center of politics because there are White House, Supreme Court, United States capitol and so on. Therefore not so many people live there. Actually the population is smaller than that of New York. On the other hand, Tokyo is not only the center of politics but also heavily populated area. The population of Tokyo is the largest in Japan. Also in Washington D.C., we have to walk a long distance wherever we go because any place is far away from the nearest station. I think that in terms of transportation network, Tokyo is greater than Washington D.C. even though Nabeel told me that the metro in Washington D.C. is very clean and has highly developed.

The next day after we arrived Washington D.C., we went to Japanese Embassy. I’m interested in what diplomats told us. Then, I went to Georgetown. It is different from the area around White House. There are many houses built of bricks, so Georgetown seems like a small European town. We enjoyed shopping there and then Misa and I walked to Lincoln Memorial. After we walked for 30 minutes, we could arrive there. We could see Washington Monument well from Lincoln Memorial. It was sunny day, so we could take a lot of nice pictures. After that, we headed for White House on foot. We walked for another 30 minutes in the heat. I was so impressed with White House because I had not imagine that I could see real White House. There were a lot of tourists. After we took some pictures, we went to Shake Shack for dinner. When we went back to our hotel, we were so exhausted because we walked over 90 minutes in total. Surprisingly, the number of steps we walked on that day exceeded 30000. At first, I felt anxiety because there is not PA, and we have only maps and a guidebook. However, we enjoyed sightseeing by ourselves. I was so glad that we were able to make good memories.

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