Journal 4

As soon as we arrived at Washington DC, I spent most of the free time walking around the town and found out that the city is totally different from Williamsburg. The city of Washington DC is more similar to the city of Tokyo. There are many embassies, lots of buildings, and many people. But I also found the differences. Unlike Tokyo, Washington DC has few tall buildings. In fact, all the buildings are smaller than Washington Monument. I also surprised that even DC is a capital of the US, there are green all over the place. Meaning, tree and glass are everywhere. In Tokyo there is less green and you can barely find green near the Emperal House. The night walking we did in the other day was my favorite except we failed to get the last train! Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Lincoln are one of the important people in the US history. I only studied about them for short but I know how big they were in the US history. I am glad to meet them in Washington DC. I wanted to spend more time on Martin Luther King Jr museum. I like his quotes a lot. My favorite quote from Martin Luther King Jr is “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience. But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” This quote encourages me to be aggressive and take risks to change something.

 In my own perspective, I prefer the town of Williamsburg rather than the city of Washington DC. In Williamsburg, I felt like time past slowly. It was very relaxing and comfortable. On the other hand, there are too many people in DC. Since I live in Tokyo, I am tired of many people walking so fast and taking trains. I want to go to the place where I can relax.

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