Journal 4

When we stayed in Washington, I was puzzled at the currency system. Using a card is more general than paying by cash in the U.S., but this tendency is contrary in the case of Japan. A monetary unit of coins for the U.S. is 25 dollars at the very most. Because of the circumstance, using a coin laundry or other vending machines, we have to prepare the many quarters, so my wallet was swollen and I felt that it is troublesome. In many case, I had to exchange from 1 dollar bill to quarter coins. The extent of coins in Japan is up to 100 yen (about 1$) or 500 yen. Therefore the process of paying cash when we use several vending machines is less stressful than that of America. However, some vending machines of America are loaded a card scanner and it is very smooth to pay by card. Through the experience, I recognized that usefulness of card and electronic money in America and I thought I will prepare a lot of quarters in the next time I visit U.S. again.

Next, I visited several famous sites of Washington, and the place I was most impressed was Washington National Cathedral. It was really amazing. I had not seen such a huge beautiful building in Japan except the towers of Tokyo. It has not only big aesthetic appearance, but also detailed statues and furniture. Most of the religious construction of Japan is made of woods and isn’t so big. There is a reason that Japan is volcanic island and terrible earthquakes occur very often. In the U.S., earthquakes seem don’t occur. They are the examples how environment influence on culture, I thought. And then, the other thing I was interested in was that the sect of the church is the “episcopal”. It’s the same mainline sect of Bruton Parish I visited. I had thought builder of such a cathedral is only catholic and had no idea that protestant build it. I also saw many episcopal church in Washington. It becomes interesting for me to research these religious circumstances of America.

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