journal 4

I’ll write about Washington DC. I think it is completely different from where we stayed, Williamsburg. Williamsburg rich in nature, and with a peaceful atmosphere. On other hand, Washington is more urban like. I think it likes Kyoto where is a city in japan, because both city are important for the countries in historic aspect. It’s even the same that there are rule about buildings’ height, buildings can’t higher than the particular buildings in the cities which have some special meanings. It was interesting to visit Washington, because there are so many famous historic buildings even for us, Japanese. It was also impressive for me, there are many beggars in the city, and all of them who I saw are black people. It made me remember about lecture and think about American’s race issue. About where we visit, I was a little disappointed we can’t see inside of the white house, even we can’t get close to it. However, it was good memory for me to visit it and caught in rain. I was interested in so many thunder in the city, maybe because the humidity are different from Japans. I think it goods to experience the difference of climate, since it also can influence difference of culture. It was also good memory for me that we walked around a park (maybe) at night, and missed the last train. Though it was so tired, but we saw many interesting things (include so many pokemon player in the park). We had so much free time in Washington DC, I went to George Town and spy museum. Though it was good, but I little regret that I didn’t go so many places. The museum we visited at last day was also good, but it was unfortunately that we didn’t have so much time to see because we had to prefer for the last party. The party was interesting and moving. Wrote to this part, I feel a sadness. I already miss you, remember the days I spent in America with you (I’m writing this last part in plane). All the PAs and CIs were so kind to us, thank you so much for your hospitality, and goodbye! I hope we can meet again.

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