Journal 4

Finally, all the schedule of this program has finished. I really miss all members, especially the PAs and the CIs, who are not easy to see them again soon. When we said good-bye to each other, most of them said a lot of words to me. I was very glad of them, but also of the fact that many people looked at me so carefully ad cared about me!

Now, I came back to Japan, and writing this journal in my room. Thinking about all days in Washington D.C., I have a lot of things to write them down. If I wrote them all in the journal, I can easily finish my journal though, I am going to focus on 2 main topics which impressed my heart so strongly,

First, about Lincoln memorial and the statue of Thomas Jefferson. What impressed me the most was the word on the wall, not a statue. At both places, there were the same word, “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.” In the world, there are many different kinds of problems, and a lot of people are trying to solve these problems from several different directions. However, I think we are working to make this word come true, and in that point we are all same. Although the word is from the history, it represents how today’s world is going on.

Second, about the Library of Congress. In the library, there are tons of books, which number is the same as the population of Japan. We couldn’t get inside the room, but watching it from the above was enough for me. My mother loves reading, so I wish I could take her inside the room someday! Maybe I should search how to be a user of that library.

And in the last part of this journal, I want to say thank you to my group, the orange group. The orange group is the best group, definitely. It is because of you Barry! You taught us a lot as a CI, but you never forget to respect student’s opinions, and became the best friend of us!! If I had a chance to teach something, I want to be a teacher like you!

Thank you for everything! I never ever forget these days!!

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