Journal Entry 4

Through the sightseeing in DC, I found three differences of capital characteristics, so I’d like to talk about the differences.

First, I realized that almost all buildings in DC were not so tall as those in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. And also there were many historic structures in DC, such as Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Washington Monument, while in Tokyo, the number of historic structures was less than that of DC.

Second, I found that a lot of shops including even café and restaurant around DC were closed at about 19:00 when my friend and I went out for walk around the Beacon Hotel. I thought it was so surprising for Japanese because in Tokyo, shops especially café were open until about 22:00.

Third, also the Metro in DC was very different, comparing to Japan. For example, the interval of distance from a station to the next station was so wide, and the close time was so early, while in Tokyo, the interval of distance between stations were so close and stations were generally open until about 1:00. Furthermore, I was surprised that trains which were various lines ran on same rail in DC’s Metro. In Tokyo, basically we can say that “one rail, one line”, so I think it is big difference between DC and Tokyo.

For the above reasons, I think there are some differences of capital characteristics between DC and Tokyo.

Next, I’ll talk about Smithsonian Museum. Before I came to the US, I didn’t know that Smithsonian Museum was an aggregate of many museums and entrance fee of every museum was free although I know the name of “Smithsonian”. Our group went to two museums, National Air and Space Museum and National Museum of the American Indian. I couldn’t believe that both of them were free because each quality is very high. I’m grad that I could go to these museums.

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