Finally, we arrived at WashintongD.C. The first day of D.C. I went to see the White House after dinner. I’ve ever seen it only in pictures so I was very excited. There are many trees like a park and beautiful architecture, so I enjoyed walking on the way too. What surprised me the most is the abundance of the defense. I have studied about the White House in English class before, however, there were more defense than I had expected. In Japan, there are not so many police even around the Prime minister’s house so I was surprised. I think the reason for this is that historically in America it is necessary to protect the President from a terrorist. Therefore I learned there are some differences between both country’s defense system.
We visited many memorial monuments at night. Especially I’m impressed with the Lincoln monument because I could find the famous sentence “the government of the people by the people of the people” in it.
During the stay in Washington D.C. I found the economical difference between America and Japan. In Japan, the center of economic is in Tokyo which is the capital of the nation. However, in America, the capital is in WashintongD.C. but the economic is concentrated to mainly New York. WashintongD.C. ,unlike Tokyo, is the city which is more historic and natural rather than economic. And compared to Tokyo, there are not so many people in WashintongD.C. so metros are not crowded and I think it is comfortable to live.
What surprised me the most is that there are few vending machine in the city and stores close so early. When we walked around monuments at night, I was very thirsty but I couldn’t find any vending machine or CVS. On the other hand, in Tokyo, there are so many vending machines and convenience stores, also, stores tend to close late.
In WashintongD.C. I learned a lot of differences between both country’s capital.

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