I was really surprised at Washington DC’s policemen for example secret service, police and FBI. When we were in front of Whitehouse secret service came and screamed at us. “Go back now!!” It was so scarcely because they also spot at us with so strong flashlight. On the other hand some policemen in DC were so kind to us and so friendly. I couldn’t imagine about these situation because in Japan policemen are kind and they don’t scream to citizens without who broke the crime. If Japanese policemen scream and spot with flashlight, they would have been sued by citizens. I think American policemen are usually kind but they have to be bad gay because there are so many terrorisms in America otherwise Japan. So those differences were made by terrorisms in America. But I hope them to make other way to protect people and president without screaming.


When I was in Washington DC I could see the detail of city and transportation system of city. The detail of city was close to Tokyo and transportation system has so deep difference between Tokyo and America. In Washington DC we can go anywhere by Metro but it is a little expensive and station distance is long. On the other hand in Japan subway is cheap way of transportation system and it has so many stations in Tokyo. The reason of this difference is made from the scale of city and the needs. In America people tend to prefer car than train and city is bigger than Japanese city. So Japanese train system is better than American system.


When I was in Smithsonian museums I could see any kinds of historical displays. And their displays were so good. In American museum we could approach nearer than in Japan and museum is free to everyone. This difference made people happy and often go museum. So I think Japanese museum should make free system and make change at displays.


We could learn very well and could spend so good time in America because of your support, your lecture and PA’s support. So I would like to say thank you, all CI and all PA. In the future I hope we will be able to meet again. Thank you so much.

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