From 16th to 19th on August, I was in Washington D.C. I took the lecture of introduction of Washington D.C. and African American Self-Determination, Identity, and Education in Washington D.C.
In the introduction of Washington, I learned about Mall, Smithsonian Museum, history, and Metro. I’m surprised that the train fare changes due to time and many people perform dancing and singing in platform. In Japan, train fare doesn’t change no matter how many people ride and people also performs these things, but on the ground not platform.
In the lecture of African American in Washington D.C., I learned two things. First, I learned that 72 percent of the population in Washington D.C. is African American people. Indeed, the people who works at Starbucks Coffee in Washington are all African American people when I went there. Second, I learned that African American people moved to Washington D.C. because they can take education there. From that fact, I learned Washington D.C. is unique place in the U.S. I thought it interesting that White Supremacy is still effective, but the many African American live capital of the U.S. I thought there are many unexpected facts in the U.S.
I went to Japanese Embassy. It was precious experience that I can hear the story who actually works in the U.S. And I thought it good chance to think about my future.
I’m impressed that Smithsonian Museum is so large. I went National Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum. In National Air and Space Museum, I’m impressed that there are a lot of large models of airplane. I went Apollo series corner, and watched the photograph of the successive astronauts who rode Apollo like Neil.A Armstrong. I’m surprised that famous Apollo was actually one of Apollo series. In Natural history, I’m surprised that there are many models of animals. It was like zoo.
I felt urban traditional atmosphere sufficiently during my stay in Washington D.C. It was invaluable experience.

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