I think Washington D.C is a very interesting and nice city. This city has become my favorite place. In Washington D.C, I saw a lot of statues. In Japanese city, such as Tokyo, there are also some statues. However, in Japan, I rarely see as many statues as in Washington D.C. The height of buildings in Washington D.C is also an interesting point for me. I thought that Washington D.C had a lot of skyscrapers because it is the capital of America. In fact, the buildings of Washington D.C are beautiful and have historical atmosphere, rather than very high and urbanized. Washington Memorial is the only high building. In addition to that, I saw a lot of subway station in Washington D.C, while I saw no tram stations. In Tokyo, there are many tram stations and subway stations. I think the American government may make some efforts for protecting the unique atmosphere of Washington D.C, like regulation of constructing high buildings. I think it is very nice effort. I think the landscape or atmosphere of the city is very important factor of good living. The landscape or atmosphere can affect our emotions. The city in relaxing mood can make us relax, and the city in busy mood can make us stressful. In Japan, Kyoto emphasizes the landscape and atmosphere. Kyoto is a very old city in Japan, and once Japanese emperor lived there more than 1000 years. Constructing high buildings and using vivid paints is regulated in Kyoto in order to protect its historical atmosphere. However, Kyoto and Washington D.C are different. Washington D.C is the capital of America and the center of politics. On the other hand, Kyoto is just a city of sightseeing. So it is natural that the landscape or atmosphere are protected. I think emphasizing historical or cultural aspect in political city such as Washington D.C is difficult. I like American city structure.

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