My comments on this enjoyeble program

Journal 5

I`ll write about what I felt during this program.

First, this is about the PA and CI.

In Japan, also in my university, it is difficult to make new friends.

On the other hand, I was very surprised at their attitude to me.

All of them talked to me smiling as if we have been good friends.

All of them are very kind so I was very sad when I had to say goodbye to them.

I have a bad habit of imagining that He hates me or she looks down on me.

So I have decided to overcome it.


Next, this is what I felt during my free time.

I enjoyed sightseeing by myself all the time.

When I go to George Town.

I was afraid whether I can go back to the hotel.

I felt loneliness and fear that I never felt in my lifetime.

What is more, I ate nothing in lunch and dinner that day.

So I was very very very very very very hungry

When I go back to the hotel, I was so exhausted.

And I was very hungry.

Then my PA and CI told me the way to the vending machine and gave me some food such as miso soup and cracker and sweets.

I was very impressed by their kindness and I was about to cry.


From this, I found that, I always live on the support or kindness and friendship

 Consideration between people especially adults(in this program CI and PA  and my parents and grandparents)

Actually I often say I don`t need friends. But this is totally wrong,

I am very happy to have very kind and funny friends in foreign country. And communicate with them with the international tool,English/

Adventuring became my hobby because of this program.


Let`s be united



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