The most exciting sightseeing

Journal 4

Excuse me. I don`t remember the content of some lecture.

So, I`ll write about my sightseeimg.

On August 15, Devon and Sam took me and my friend to a delicious oyster restaurant.

I was happy to communicate with them and have such delicious food.

Then they took us to a pharmacy CVS.

There were so many CVS stores in Washington DC, It was like 7eleven in Japan.



Next day, it was all free day

I went back to the Beacon hotel to take my map and guidebook, so I couldn`t enjoy sightseeing with my friends.

Instead of it, I could go everywhere I want to go.

Devon gave me a convenient map and told me the way very kindly.

First, I went to The white house.

I love this building because it is a very interesting matter whether the next president is Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, White house is very relevant.

Next I went to The Air and Space museum.

It has very many models of spacecraft and of combat plane.

I enjoyed all.

Next I walked to and enjoyed the The Capitol and The Supreme court, The Library of Congress.

They were much more beautiful than them of Japan.

I went to inside of it and received three strong impressions,

After it, I used the subway and went to the opposite station.

There was George Town University.

From there, I tried to walk to the George Town.,

I was about to get lost, however I managed to get there with my guidebook and the question to people.

But there was no attractive building or event in George Town.

What is more, I tried to go to Washington National cathedral.

I was foolish, it was very very very far

I decided to turn back.

On the way to the hotel, I got lost,

I walked too long distance, so when I got to the hotel. I was so exhausted and my leg became a stick.

Unfortunately, I couldn`t sleep well that night.

Next day, we went to the Japanese Embassy and listen to the diplomats.

I learned the way to survive this international society from them.

Thank you.

After it, we have the free time.

I went to a shopping mall.

I bought a T-shirt for me and a T-shirt foe my friend there.

After it, I went to the Holocaust Museum.

It was so serious so I felt that I have to convey this memory to the future memories.

That night, I slept very deeply


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