Journal 4

Journal 4

Kosuke Tojima

August 15, we left Williamsburg for Washington DC, which is the capital city of the US. Actually I am so interested in American politics, and this is why I applied to this program. So when I came here, I was thrilled because there are so many political sites here. Now I’m going to write down about our attitude toward politic.

In Japan, actually most of us don’t care about who represents us. This is partly because we think that every candidate can govern the country as well as other candidate, which means that every candidate is equal in term with how well they can govern. And recently many politicians has done something dishonest; cheating, fraud or things like that. This is other reason we don’t care about politic.

On the other hand, in the US, more people vote for candidates compared with Japan even if there are lots of negative campaigns. If there are negative campaigns in Japan like one in the US, our turnout is going to be much lower than now. Then, why do American people vote? I think that there are two reasons for that. One is that American people have to legislate as voter, which means most of American voter are supposed to vote. Another reason is that American media broadcast election widely especially in presidential election. So many American people have lots of opportunity to come in touch with politic and know about politic. In other words, politic is more popular for American people than for Japanese people. I found that in America there are lots goods about this election like caps or bags. And also I felt in that many students told about politic, but most of Japanese people avoid talking about politic.

I’m writing down this journal in Japan while watching news show about American politic. I think this program is so precious opportunity, because we could experience America’s origin; Virginia and America’s capital city; Washington, DC. I decided to keep studying American politics.


Due to mechanic trouble, I was late for sending this journal.


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