In August 15, we departed for Washington D.C. I have never been to Washington D.C. Now, I want to compare Washington D.C. with Tokyo, because of Tokyo being the capital city of Japan. I think that there are a similarity point and a difference point between Tokyo and Washington D.C.

The first, the similarity point between Washington D.C. and Japan is that the representative of Washington D.C. is much the same as that of Japan, which is a historical place. I think the representatives are Lincoln memorial, White House, Smithsonian museum and the other museums in Washington D.C. They are the very historical places or the places relating to American history. On the other hand, the representative is Asakusa in Japan. Asakusa is very historical place. In Asakusa, there are so many shops where craft objects of Japan and traditional food are sold.

The second, I think the difference point between Washington D.C. and Japan is weather economy, politics and culture are concentrated on a capital city or not. In America, there are many main cities, like Boston, New York, California, San Francisco, and so on. They are not concentrated on Washington D.C. and are dispersed to each city. On the other hand, they are concentrated on Tokyo, though there are large cities in Japan, like Kyoto, Osaka, Kanagawa, and so on. So Japan has a deflection to population. If some of many functions in Tokyo, like network and traffic, are stopped, the functions in whole Japan are stopped. Now, a movement of trying to disperse economy, politics and culture to each city has already been done. But I think the movement should be done more actively and quickly than ever before.

I only have two days left to stay in America, so I want to learn about America and have a good time to the last.

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