Journal Entry 5


Journal Entry 5


Daichi Hibino

1.   Kindness

American people is also kind. People, particularly Japanese people often say that Japanese people is kind, but I feel that American is as kind as Japanese. However, in America, I feel that Japan is more kind than America about one thing. That is kindness of machines, equipment and commodity. In short, Japanese items are more useful. Not just for achieving some purpose (for example, buying juice at vending machine, in station passing examination of tickets by hanging IC card over a IC card reader), Japanese items are made for people who use them to use them more efficiently and more conveniently. About vending machine, in Japan, you can easily understand where you should insert bills, what kind of bills you can insert, which drinks are sold out and how much each drinks are, because an order to buy drinks is written and some lights turn on and off for telling you what you should do next. In America, you will not find such kind guides. In fact, some of my friends insert coins into hole for a credit card or try to insert 20 dollars and 50dollars (of course, these bills are not recognized correctly). About examination of tickets, in Japan, when you hang your IC card over IC card reader, the machine make a sound to tell you that your IC card was recognized correctly. Moreover, the machine tells you how much you paid and how much money you have in your IC card.

I don’t know why Japanese products have many functions and guides. However, I think this difference does not happen accidentally. Japanese people might have to do so because of some reasons, conversely, American people might not have to do so because of some reasons. In any case, even today, such big difference happens and this difference affects each life styles.

2.   Stereotype

There is a stereotype that Japanese people are more kind, but, as it was previously mentioned, American people are as kind as Japanese people. In fact, I felt that this stereotype have some wrongness because of my visit of this time. However, about machines, equipment and commodities, I know that Japanese one is more useful. I think that such kindness of items make people have stereotype that Japan or Japanese people is kind. If so, not just this stereotype, other many stereotypes may have some wrongness and some correctness.

Stereotype is often regarded worthless, but if stereotype includes some correctness or, has possibility that it includes some correctness, they can be important hints to understand culture, history and society. Maybe, stereotype is made from a lot of reasons and concepts, so you cannot understand easily and stereotype may have some wrongness. Moreover, you might not understand and analyze completely with philosophical consideration. So, visiting and feeling is also important. Stereotype is always chaotic complicated condition. Conversely, analyzing stereotype may make misunderstand. You should not gaze at a small part of stereotype, while should look out over the stereotype.

I could feel America for two weeks, and learned many things which were not written in books. I’d like to visit other countries too.

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