Journal 5

Journal5       Daiki Ono

 Most important things I learned

Through this program, I learned a lot. I think two of them are the most important things for me.

First, I realized the listening ability is important. Actually, when I was talking with PA or CL, I had little difficulty in saying something in English, but much difficulty in listening to someone’s saying. Moreover, because of lack of the listening ability, it was sometimes difficult for me to understand the Framework lectures. But my dialogue class always helped me to understand them! Anyway, I shoud have improved my listening skill and should improve it now…

Second, I learned (realized) that friendship was important. When I was exploring Washington D.C. with my frends, I sometimes didn’t know which line of bus or subway to go somewhere. But my friends helped me about that. (Maybe I helped them several times…) Also, I and my roommate, friends in my dialogue class or focus group and the other people helped each other in many times! Through many events and helping each other, our friendship has grown up. I appreciate their kindness.

Cultural Observations of life in United States

In 19 days in United States, I experienced many cultural differences from Japan.

First, we dont’t have the habit of “paying tip”. Of course, I have know the habit for a long time but I was annoyed so much about how to or how much I pay tip in several days in firtst in this program. I got accustomed later…

Second, actually, I thought most Americans’ driving manner was a little worse than Japanese. When I was walking around Washington D.C. , many drivers were beeping and there was so noisy! We hardly see such a scene in Japan. But when I was about to cross the road, they always stopped. Are they kind only when pedestrians cross the road? (lol) This is mysterious… Also, When I got on the metro bus in Washington D.C., the bus started rapidly and I was shaky on my leg and got a scratch on my left hand! (I’m OK now…) Maybe this is the only bad experience I had!

Thank you !

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